Military Equal Opportunity

Military Equal Opportunity

The purpose of the MacDill AFB ADR/Mediation Program is to assist/empower the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable solution for resolution of their dispute(s) to enhance mission accomplishments through early resolution.

What is ADR?
ADR is a term used to describe a variety of approaches to resolve conflicts in lieu of traditional adjudication or adversarial methods. The Alternate Dispute Resolution Act (ADRA) enacted by Congress in 1990 authorizes and encourages Federal agencies to use ADR methods. 

Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution site
Air Force EO and Non-Discrimination Policy Memorandum

ADR Core Principles

Why ADR?
-Good management tool
-An attempt to settle a discrimination complaint
-Reduces processing time
-Early resolution works best
-No blame, no admissions
-Saves money
-"Win-Win" situation
-Types of ADR
-Mediation is presently the Most Popular Form of ADR Used by -Agencies in Employment Other methods used by MacDill AFB include -Facilitation, Fact- Finding or a Combination.

When can ADR occur?
ADR can be used at any point in the EEO Complaint process; however, at the first initial contact the aggrieved must select ADR or Counseling but not both. As there is no admission of guilt on either party when mediating a negotiated settlement agreement, there are no losers in this method of settlement.

When ADR should not be used
Virtually any type of work place dispute, conflict or dissatisfaction is a candidate for mediation. There are times when ADR may not be appropriate, i.e., class complaints, cases involving criminal charges, sexual harassment or discrimination and when significant legal matters are involved.

Calendar of Ethnic Observances by Month

Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
Date: 3rd Monday
Authority/Comment: Public Law 98-144 (est. Federal Holiday)

African-American / Black History Month
Dates: 1-28 (29) February
Authority/Comment: First Presidential Proclamation 1976. The observance was initially proclaimed in 1926 by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, founder of the Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History, Inc. (ASALH)

Woman's History Month
Dates: 1-31 March
Authority/Comment: First observed by Public Law 100-9, 1987

MAY "Days of Remembrance" for Victims of the Holocaust
Dates: Sunday to Sunday for Week incorporating YOM HASHOAH
Authority/Comment: Public Law 96-388

Asian/Pacific Heritage Month
Dates: 1-31 May
Authority/Comment: First Presidential Proclamation 1991

Women's Equality Day
Date: 26 August
Authority/Comment: First Presidential Proclamation 1973

National Hispanic Heritage Month
Dates: 15 Sept - 15 October
Authority/Comment: Initially, a week in September was designated as Hispanic Heritage Week, as a result of Public Law 90 -498 and by Presidential Proclamation in 1968. On August 17, 1988, the observance was changed to include the entire month of Sept 15 - Oct 15, under Public Law 100-402

National Native-American / Indian Heritage Month
Dates: 1 - 30 November
Authority/Comment: First observed by Public Law 101-343