Davis Conference Center Frequently Asked Questions

Davis Conference Center
7633 Bayshore Blvd.
MacDill Air Force Base, Fla 33621

Comm: 813-828-6600 or DSN: 968-6600
Fax: 813-828-7061 or DSN: 968-7061

Frequently Asked Questions
If you do not find the answer to your question on this page, please call the Davis Conference Center at (813) 828-6600 or  email eventscheduling@us.af.mil.

1. Who is authorized to use the Davis Conference Center (DCC)?
All 6th Air Mobility Wing, 927th Air Refueling Wing, U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command and other MacDill mission teammate organizations. Also, Department of Defense organizations and Federal agencies.

2. How far in advance can I schedule the DCC?
The DCC scheduling policy is as follows:
Priority 1: Installation Commander, Commander, USCENTCOM, and Commander, USSOCOM (events attended by these individual commanders and approved at their Chief of Staff level). Priority 1 events may be scheduled up to 12 months in advance. Priority 1 events can bump lesser priority events with Chief of Staff's request and approval of the Installation Commander. The Installation Commander reserves the right to bump any scheduled event at any time.

Priority 2: The 6 AMW Commander (6 AMW/CC), 927 ARW Commander (927 ARW/CC), and all other 6 AMW, 927 ARW, USCENTCOM, USSOCOM, and other MacDill mission-partner organizations. Priority 2 events may be scheduled up to six months in advance. Priority 2 events are reserved on a space available basis and are subject to bumping at any time.

Priority 3: Off base DoD and other federal agencies. Priority 3 events may be scheduled up to four months in advance. Priority 3 events are reserved on a space available basis only and are subject to bumping at any time.

Priority 4: Promotion/retirement ceremonies for O-6s and above, their civilian equivalents (GS-15s and above), and E-9s on a space-available basis. Event must be conducted/officiated by a general officer. Priority 4 events may be scheduled up to 2 months in advance. Priority 4 events are reserved on a space available basis only and are subject to bumping at any time. Note: Promotion/retirement ceremonies are scheduled on Fridays only.

3. What are the hours of operation?
The DCC's hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 0730 to 1630. The center is closed Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and Air Mobility Command Family Days.

4. How many people can the DCC accommodate?
The Auditorium seats 250 people (approximately 158 in main area and 92 in the balcony) and is available for groups of 75 or more. The CORONA Room seats 100 people. There are three other meeting rooms seating 42 people each (classroom style) and one meeting room which seats 18.

5. Where is the DCC located?
The DCC is located at 7633 Bayshore Blvd, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida 33621.

6. Where can I check my e-mail while I'm at the Conference Center?
There is a Tech Center in our Conference Center. If you have web-based access to your existing email account, you may use the computers to check your email any time during your conference.

7. What is the reservation process?
You may schedule meeting rooms through our events manager. Call (813) 828-6600, option #1, or e-mail eventscheduling@macdill.af.mil to start the reservation process.

8. What is the cost to hold an event at the DCC?
At present, there is no charge to use the DCC.

9. How early can we get in to set up?
Event project officers may enter the facility no earlier than 7 a.m. for setup; attendees may enter at 7:30 a.m..

10. How late can our event go?
Events must end by 4:30 p.m. to allow project officers/attendees time to collect their personal items/materials and exit the facility by 5 p.m. This prevents the DCC staff from entering into an "overtime" pay status or committing the government to pay our contractors above that which is already obligated.

11. What is the cancellation policy?
To ensure maximum capacity and use of the DCC, cancellations must be made at least two weeks prior to the event start date.

12. What is the smoking policy?
The DCC is a tobacco-free facility. Federal law prohibits smoking within the DCC, on the terrace or within 25 feet of the doorways. Tobacco products (cigars, cigarettes, electronic-cigarettes, pipes, hookahs, etc.) and smokeless products (dip, chew, snuff, etc.) are strictly prohibited. The designated tobacco area is located on the north side of the building near the Tech Center.

13. How do I leave a message for an event participant?
Call (813) 828-1590 to leave a message. During the next available break, one of our staff members will deliver the message to the project officer for your participant's event.

14. Is internet access available at the DCC?
Yes. Commercial internet access is available in the Tech Center on the first floor.

15. Do I need to provide security if my conference is classified?
Yes. Project officers (POs) are responsible for the effective safeguard/control of classified materials (when present) throughout the duration of their event in accordance with DoD 5200.01, Volume 3, DoD Information Security Program. POs must provide personnel to serve as security guards for their designated conference room(s). Guards will verify clearances at access points. While classified events are in progress, guards must be posted outside the conference room doors at all times, to include lunch and during breaks.

16. What is the "bumping" policy?
The installation commander, USCENTCOM commander, and USSOCOM commander (events attended by these individual commanders and approved at their Chief of Staff level) may "bump" an event, as necessary, to fulfill their mission. The DCC staff is not responsible for finding an alternate venue if an event is bumped.

17. Are administrative supplies provided (e.g., copying, printing, etc.)?
No. Project officers are responsible for providing administrative supplies. However, the DCC does provide 50 black & white copies per event along with markers for the dry erase boards.

18. Can we attach signs or posters to walls?
No. The conference center offers high-end features throughout the facility and to protect walls and glass surfaces, attaching signs, posters, or any other materials to these surfaces is prohibited.
Should there be a requirement for posting or displaying a limited number of items, the DCC staff should be contacted so easels (or some other alternative) can be made available.

19. What if someone wants to send me a fax?
We can receive an unclassified fax. Our fax number is: (813) 828-7061
Please make sure your name and event name is on the fax.

20. Am I responsible for clean up after my event/meeting?
Yes. Project officers (POs) are responsible for ensuring everything they brought into the facility is removed upon completion of their event. On a daily basis, prior to and after the event, POs and a member of the DCC staff will conduct a joint inspection of the room.

21. Who sets up and breaks down meeting rooms?
The DCC staff is responsible for the setup and break down of rooms at the start and completion of each event.

22. Do you have meeting room layouts for me to view?
Yes. Our events manager can provide you with meeting room diagrams to assist you with the best layout for your event.

23. What is the smallest group or largest group you can accommodate?
We will reserve a meeting room for a group with at least five attendees. The largest room in our facility will accommodate a group as large as 250 people.

24. How many parking spaces are there?
Seventy spaces including four handicapped parking spaces and eight distinguished visitor parking spaces are available. Additional parking (53 spaces) is available across the street at the Davis Pavilion.

25. Can I load or unload equipment/supplies in front of the building?
No. There is a service area in the rear of the facility for loading and unloading. If you need to bring in materials, then they can be brought through the service area. You cannot roll anything through the main lobby except small luggage. Everything else would have to be brought through the service entrance.

26. Can I ship products/materials to the center?
No. The conference center does not accept advance materials or freight, due to limited space. The DCC staff cannot assume responsibility for the damages to, or loss of, any articles left prior to, during or following an event.

27. What about shipping out materials after the meeting?
Should you chose to do this, we require someone from your group stay with the package until it is picked up for shipping. The DCC staff cannot assume responsibility for the damages to, or loss of, any articles left prior to, during or following an event.

28. What is the process for requesting a display area in the facility?
Event project officers (POs) must complete and sign the "Display/Exhibit Agreement" and provide to the events manager for processing at least 60 days prior to the event. The form includes a description of the display, estimated size of the display, contact information, pictures of items to be displayed (if possible), and dates of set up and removal. The events manager will review display proposals and forward to the DCC Director for approval decision. If approved, the events manager will determine the appropriate display area(s) in the DCC and will schedule the set-up and removal dates/times during regular DCC business hours.

29. May contractors serve as an event Project Officer (PO)?
Contractors are prohibited from serving as a project officer (PO) since the PO Agreement (POA) is a legally-binding contract, and thus, holds the PO responsible for any damages to the DCC caused by activities of the their event and/or failure to abide by the policies, rules, and regulations of the DCC.

30. Can we contract with an outside caterer for our event?
No, Aramark is the preferred catering service for the Davis Conference Center. For more information on catering call (813) 840-2220.

31. May we bring our own food & beverages to serve participants at our event?
No. Outside food or beverages may not be brought into the center; however, you may bring in bottled water for your attendees.

32. Can I serve alcohol at my event?
No. The DCC is not a designated facility for alcoholic beverage consumption.

33. How do I contact Lost & Found?
Lost & found is open during normal duty hours. The phone number is (813) 828-1590.

34. Do you have any bike racks?
Yes. We have one bike rack and it is located just in front of the west parking lot entrance.

35. Do you have an on-site photographer?
No. The DCC does not have an on-site photographer, nor does the conference center provide photographic services.

36. Will I have assistance during my event?
Yes. We have an on-site conference coordinator to assist you with facility issues. She will be your liaison to the rest of the DCC staff, i.e., AV, IT, security, etc.

37. How do I schedule a site visit?
We invite you to come visit us at the Davis Conference Center. To set up a site visit, contact us anytime via e-mail or phone (813) 828-6600, Option #1 to coordinate a time to walk through the facility and familiarize yourself with our conference center.

38. What is the DCC's liability policy?
The DCC's liability statement reads: The project officer (PO) is the responsible party for the facility and its contents. The PO is responsible for ensuring attendees adhere to DCC policies/procedures. On a daily basis, prior to and after the event, the PO and a representative of the DCC staff will inspect the facility and document all damages, theft, or other abuse. Should any damage, theft, or other abuse to the DCC or its contents occur (such as broken furniture, carpet stains, etc.), it is the responsibility of the PO to remedy the situation. The PO can remedy the situation by either (1) providing payment for the damage or replacing the damaged item; or (2) identifying the individual responsible so liability can be accessed through all available means. If the PO fails to remedy the situation, the PO accepts full responsibility for the damage(s) and liability will be assessed against the PO personally through all available legal means. Note: If an organization fails to comply with this paragraph, the organization's senior leader will be notified of the noncompliance and the organization will be excluded from holding an event in the DCC until reimbursement is made or liability is assessed.

39. Can a private function (e.g., baby shower, wedding, etc.) be held at the DCC?
No. The DCC does not accommodate private functions, as those types of activities are considered personal, not official, and non-mission oriented.

40. Is there a charge to use the audio-visual equipment?
At the present time, there is no extra charge for use of the equipment.

41. Do we have to bring our own audio-visual equipment?
No. The DCC offers audio-visual equipment. LCD projectors are built into each room along with DVD players, dry erase boards, laser pointers, and flipcharts/markers. We also have unclas commercial and AFNet laptops that can be used by event organizers. Please contact the events manager for additional information at eventscheduling@us.af.mil.

42. Where can I get a cup of coffee in the building?
There is a Starbucks coffee kiosk which accepts credit and debit cards--the cost is $1.50 per cup. It is located near the Tech Center on the first floor.

43. Is there an ATM available in the building?
No. Unfortunately, there is no ATM inside the conference center; however, there are several on base to which the staff can provide you with the locations.

44. Who do I contact regarding facility accessibility?
For specific information on the conference center's accessibility, please contact our Conference Coordinator at (813) 828-1590.

45. What is the policy on usage of removable devices such as thumb drives?
Air Force policy bans the use of removable media such as USB thumb drives, memory cards, flash drives, etc., on government-owned computers and the use of all removable media to include CDs and DVDs on SIPR computers.

46. How long has the conference center been operating?
The Davis Conference Center opened its doors in 2003 as the Mission Planning Center. In 2004, it was dedicated to General Benjamin Oliver Davis, Jr., (December 18, 1912 - July 4, 2002) a United States Air Force general and commander of the World War II Tuskegee Airmen. He was the first African-American general in the United States Air Force. His bio is available at this link: http://www.af.mil/information/bios/bio.asp?bioID=5173

47. Is there a comprehensive document detailing the rules & regulations of the DCC?
Yes, MacDill Instruction 90-100, Davis Conference Center, is available at this link: http://static.e-publishing.af.mil/production/1/macdillafb/publication/macdillafbi90-100/macdillafbi90-100.pdf

48. Do you have Wi-Fi capability?
Yes. The DCC has limited Wi-Fi services. We offer 2GWLAN (second generation wireless LAN) to AFNet users only; however. The range of the new Wi-Fi system is intentionally limited due to security reasons. Only government-issued laptops with standard desktop configuration software will be able to access the wireless system for remote computing.