Mid-Air Collision Avoidance (MACA)

The Tampa Bay Region is home to numerous airfields including:    Tampa International (TPA), St. Petersburg-Clearwater International  (PIE), Tampa Executive (VDF), Peter O. Knight (TPF), Albert Whitted  (SPG), and MacDill Air Force Base (MCF). Military flying activity in the  area is quite busy and MacDill routinely hosts aircraft varying greatly in size and performance. MacDill AFB is home to the USAF KC-135. Additionally, a wide-variety of fighter and cargo Air Force, Navy,  Coast Guard, Marine Corps and other civilian aircraft regularly visit for  training. As a result, there are times when the MacDill traffic pattern is  saturated with many different types of aircraft.  All flyers, whether  military or civilian, must remain aware of the potential for mid-air  collisions. Through education, awareness, and application of the "See  and Avoid" concept, we can all share the skies of Tampa Bay more  safely.

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