Military Personnel Flight

The 6th Force Support Squadron Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System and identification card office:

Basic documentation requirements for ID card issue -
Often, customers may be turned away due to incomplete documentation requirements. To ensure a successful transaction and eliminate any wasted travel/wait time, please click here to identify documentation requirements for ID card Issue.

Normal operating hours
7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

* Operating Hours may change due to holidays/base events. Please call 813-828-2276 to confirm operating hours.

Customer Service Technician
Fax: 813-828-4329

Military Dependent ID card
- If your dependent's ID card is going to expire, the following options exist for reissuance: sponsor must be present or a signed DD Form 1172 by sponsor and customer service representative or a valid special power of attorney, expired military ID AND second form of ID.

Due to the large volume of retiree population in the area, the average customer wait time for ID card issue may exceed one hour. If you are visiting the area, and plan on renewing your ID card, you may want to consider utilizing another military personnel facility along your route. Please click here to identify alternate military personnel facilities.

Adding Spouse to DEERS - As soon as the sponsor's marital status has changed, they are required to bring in their spouse to be added to DEERS to start receiving benefits. The following documents are required: certified or original marriage certificate, spouse's original birth certificate, valid federal or state photo id (i.e. drivers license, state ID or valid passport) and social security card.

Adding Newborn to DEERS - Sponsor will need to bring the original marriage certificate, hospital proof of birth or birth certificate and social security card (if applicable) within 60 days of birth. For an unmarried male sponsor's child to be added in DEERS, the following documents is needed: acknowledge of paternity or court document providing paternity (this must be from the state where the child is born), original birth certificate and social security card.

TRICARE for College Students - To extend TRICARE/DEERS benefits beyond your child's 21st birthday, the following documents are required: Letter from the College Registrar stating Name of Student, estimated graduation date, and that the student is Full Time; two valid State/Federal forms of ID (one being a photo ID); and Sponsor must be present or a Special Power of Attorney must be provided. 

**Answers to frequently asked questions about obtaining ID cards can be found here.