Installation Information - Overview

The MacDill Air Force Base operator's number is 813-828-1110 or DSN 312-968-1110.

MacDill Air Force Base is located eight miles south of Tampa, Florida on the Southwestern tip of the Interbay Peninsula in Hillsborough County. The region is often referred to as "Tampa Bay" which is a seven-county region on Florida's west coast offering a diversity of communities. The counties of Hernando, Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk and Sarasota come together to shape a vibrant market where lifestyle options reflect all the best Florida has to offer. Whether you seek big city downtown living, quiet golf course communities, a waterfront lifestyle, majestic horse farms or historic neighborhoods - the communities of Tampa Bay provide a mix like no where else in the country. The Tampa Bay community is very supportive of MacDill, but is not considered a military town. The cost of living is higher than most cities in the South. 

MacDill AFB is an Air Mobility Command base capable of rapidly projecting air-refueling power anywhere in the world. Organized into four groups to carry out a two-fold mission of air refueling and airlift support to the two Unified Commands based at MacDill. MacDill is home to the United States Central Command and United States Special Operations Command and 59 other tenant units.

MacDill was named after Colonel Leslie MacDill. MacDill Army Base was officially activated on April 16, 1941. The first mission was training airmen in the B-17 Flying Fortress and B-26 Marauder aircraft. Increasing tensions in 1961 led to the activation of the U.S. Strike Command, headquartered at MacDill. MacDill became a Tactical Air Command Training Base with the F-4s and then F-16s. The last F-16s left the base in 1994 and the base had no active duty aircraft for the first time. The 6th Air Mobility Wing was activated October 1, 1996, with the arrival of 12 KC-135 Stratotankers. MacDill was a strategic center for such military operations as Just Cause in Panama, Desert Shield and Storm in the Persian Gulf and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti. For more history visit MacDill AFB's homepage here.

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Population Served
Joint Service Active Duty: 6,900
Joint Service Civilians: 3,100
Joint Service Reservists and National Guard: 4,300 
Joint Service Trainees and Cadets: 100 
Retirees: 39,600
Family Members: 20,600

Base Transportation
The 6th Logistics Readiness Squadron's Vehicle Operations Flight operates a free taxi service to accomplish official business. This service is available for all military and DoD civilian employees/contractors requiring transportation in support of official government business. This service is ideal for accomplishing routine administrative duties and transporting small amounts of cargo. On-base medical and dental appointments are considered official business for military personnel. Unfortunately, the taxi cannot be used to transport personnel from their domicile to their duty location, or to eating establishments. Using a taxi for official appointments and business helps reduce traffic congestion and parking issues, and it is even environmentally friendly; our taxi vehicles are flex-fuel enabled. Taxis have a 10 minute response time goal and normally arrive inside of 5 minutes. Using this service will become more and more important as budget cuts affect vehicle availability. There is no time like the present to start using this free service. Call 813-828-8709 with any questions or concerns.

Local and Express bus service is provided to MacDill via the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority . For route and schedule information about public transportation destinations throughout Hillsborough County, visit HARTline. The cities of St. Petersburg and Clearwater also provide public transportation.

Your safe arrival to MacDill Force Base is very important to us. Moving can be very stressful whether you are single or married. Please ensure you have secured a sponsor from your new unit prior to arrival. This individual is specifically assigned to host you and help ensure your transition into MacDill Air Force Base is a smooth one. Sponsorship is for single and married, military members and civilians with orders to report to MacDill. If for any reason you have not been assigned a sponsor, or if your sponsor is not available and you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact your unit or the MacDill Air Force Base Airman and Family Readiness Center, 813-828-0145 or DSN 312-968-0145. If you arrive at MacDill after hours and your unit is not a 24 hour operation and you need immediate assistance please call the command post 813-828-4361. They will be able to contact your unit's First Sergeant who is also available to assist you.

Upon receiving PCS orders, contact the local base Postal Service Center and complete an AF Form 624 for a change of address. The temporary mailing address for MacDill is: Rank/Name, 8106 Condor Street, PSC Box 3500, Tampa Fl 33621.

All active duty personnel should report to their unit commander's support staff for in processing. For a list of units with location and telephone numbers see the Major Unit Listing topic.

Department of Defense civilians - contact your selecting official or personnel office for a sponsor. If you still do not receive a sponsor, contact the MacDill Civilian Personnel Office for assistance.

Temporary Quarters
Reservations can be made in advance by contacting the MacDill Inn at 813-828-4259 or DSN 312-968-4259. There are ten pet-friendly TLFs available for an additional fee. Upon arrival, if you are given a non-availability statement, the Lodging Office will provide you with a list of government contracted hotels. There are many affordable motels and hotels in the local area. For more information review the Temporary Lodging topic.

Relocation Assistance
There are a multitude of resources and services offered by the Airman and Family Readiness Center and other base agencies that will help you to make a smooth transition. The MPE will schedule newcomers for the mandatory Newcomers' Reception. The Reception is offered on the first Wednesday of every month for all newly assigned personnel and their families. Members and their families are welcomed by the Wing Commander and introduced to base agencies representatives.

The Loan Closet is stocked full of household items available for checkout until your own arrive. At the Airman and Family Readiness Center, newcomers can receive vouchers for up to 20 hours of free child care funded by the Air Force Aid Society. Spouse employment and education assistance is available for spouses seeking employment or continuing their education. The Discovery Center has computers with Internet access as well as a copier, fax, scanner. Budgeting assistance and the Air Force Aid Society are available for unexpected expenses due to PCS. For more detailed information, call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 813-828-0145 DSN 312-968-0145.

Critical Installation Information
Car insurance rates in this area tend to be higher than what most people are accustomed to. Be sure to check with your insurance company.
May, June, July and August are extremely high PCS months for MacDill. It is very important that inbound personnel arriving during these months call the MacDill Traffic Management Flight in advance at 813-828-2600 or DSN 312-968-2600 or toll free 1-800-432-7131 to provide contact information.

On-base child care through the Child Development Center usually has a waiting list for infants six months and older.

Another major concern in Central Florida is HURRICANE SEASON, from June to November. Call ahead if you are arriving at MacDill and a hurricane is predicted to hit this area. Watch the Weather Channel and contact your sponsor as MacDill AFB may be evacuated and the surrounding roads will be congested with people leaving the area.
Make it a practice to use sunscreen (especially children). Be alert for snakes and alligators when you walk in wooded or marshy areas.
Passports and Visas

Ensure member and/or dependents have the required passports and/or visa prior to final out-processing. Member and/or dependents are not allowed to final out-process without the required passports/visas in hand for themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents. Members electing the accompanied tour will not be permitted to out-process without having the required passports/visas in hand for themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents.

These actions are necessary to prevent unforeseen hardships to the military members and their families. Therefore, as a last reiteration, it is essential, members do not out-process without having the appropriate passports/visas for themselves (if applicable) and/or dependents.