Eagle Eyes

Every citizen, military or civilian, can have a positive effect in the ongoing war on terrorism. The Eagle Eyes program is an anti-terrorism initiative that enlists the eyes and ears of Air Force members and citizens in local community against the war on terror. 

If you observe any suspicious activity, anytime during the day or night, you can call the MacDill AFB Base Defense Operations Center at 828-3322.

The foundation of the Eagle Eyes program is the education of our airmen and local population about typical activities terrorists engage in prior to an attack. Armed with this information, you can recognize elements of potential terrorist activities when you see them. 

Your involvement in the Eagle Eyes program is critical in the war on terrorism. Law enforcement relies on our citizen's participation as a means of detection and deterrence. You play a vital role in detecting, deterring and preventing acts of terrorism. It's your eyes and ears, your sense of why something is unusual or out of place, that can prevent acts of terrorism. After all, you are the expert on what activities do, or do not, belong in your neighborhood and community.

Everyone at MacDill AFB and the surrounding community is considered part of the anti-terrorism team; as such you can report information 24 hours a day. Your information is immediately shared with appropriate law enforcement agencies and military commanders for action.

Everyone is encouraged to stay alert whether at home, work or even while driving. Always keep an Eagle Eye out for suspicious behaviors such as:

Surveillance - The act of someone recording or monitoring activities using camera equipment, taking notes, drawing maps or using binoculars or any other vision enhancement devices.

Elicitation - Anyone or any organization attempting to gain information or in person about military operations or its personnel.

Test of Security - Any attempts to measure reaction times to security breaches or to penetrate physical security barriers.

Acquiring Supplies - Purchasing, or even stealing weapons, explosives, uniforms, vehicle decals and even Department of Defense identification media. 

Suspicious Persons out of Place
- People who just don't seem to belong there. 
This could be the individual asking questions you know they do not have the need to know. An individual sitting outside the base perimeter fence in their car watching personnel entering and exiting the base.

Dry Runs - Putting people in position and moving them about without actually committing the terrorist act.

Deploying Assets - This would be the final behavior before the terrorist act. People and supplies are put in place to commit the terrorist act. This would also be your last chance to alert authorities before terrorism occurs.

If you observe any suspicious activity, anytime during the day or night, make note of it and call the MacDill AFB Base Defense Operations Center at 828-3322. Once this call is made, Security Forces will react and notify AFOSI and other agencies as needed.

For additional information or participation in the Eagle Eyes program contact AFOSI Detachment 340 at (813) 828-4921, or email AFOSIDet340.cc@ogn.af.mil.  However, any reporting of actual activity should go through the 6th Security Forces Squadron at 828-6322 or 6sfs.controlcenter@us.af.mil.