MacDill AFB Pharmacy Transfer Policy

New to MacDill - Let us help you with your prescription service

Prescription Transfers:
1. MacDill AFB pharmacy will transfer prescriptions for all medications (controlled & non-controlled substances) off base to any pharmacy (DoD or civilian) upon request from that pharmacy.

2. beneficiary categories, MacDill AFB will transfer all prescription(s) (controlled & non-controlled) from another pharmacy (on or off base) to our facility upon verification from the original pharmacy. 

   a. Transfers into MacDill AFB will be done during normal duty hours and  require three working days to complete. 

   b. All transfers into MacDill AFB must be from the original pharmacy.

Remember:  ALL prescriptions (controlled substances and legend substances) MUST contain the provider's DEA (drug enforcement agency) number, state license number or social security number to dispense a prescription at MacDill AFB.

Prescription - Drop Off Box - located at the PharmaCARE Center

The MacDill AFB Pharmacy introduces the written prescription drop off box. Prescriptions placed in the box before noon will be ready for pick up the next duty day after 10 a.m. barring any problems. All Drop Off Box Prescriptions will need to be picked up inside the PharmaCARE.

Note:  Refills will not be processed in this manner. The Refill Call In Service must be used for refill requests.

If the prescription drop box is a service that you choose to use, please note the following:

1. You must be registered in DEERS (Had a prescription fill at MacDill AFB)
2. The medication must be on the current 6th MDG Formulary (available near drop box) 
3. The 6th MDG Pharmacy follows DoD guidelines for quantity limitations 
4. If the prescription is presented too early, it will be returned to you
5. If the prescription requires clarification, the doctor will be contacted. Under these circumstances, the prescription may not be ready on time.

Important Notice:
Please speak to a Pharmacy staff member whenever you have questions concerning your medication. If the name of the drug on your bottle is not familiar: Ask the Pharmacy staff to tell you both names of your medication. Drug names can be listed either generically or by the company's trade name. If the dosage on your prescription is different from a previous prescription: Have the Pharmacy staff double check the prescription. If necessary, the pharmacist can call your health care provider. Your health care provider may have changed your dosage on the last prescription. If the color, shape, or size of your medication looks different: Tell the Pharmacy staff if there are any identifying marks on the tablet or capsule. The Pharmacy may have changed brands on the medication you have been taking for a long time. If something just does not seem right: Anytime you have questions about your medications, call us! We would rather put your mind at ease than have you continue or stop a medication that you have questions about. Be an informed patient: Know the name of your medication and any medications to which you may be allergic. Know the dose you are supposed to be taking, color, and shape of the medication, and any special instructions your health care provider may have given you. You may want to make a list of all your medications and keep this list in your wallet. A pharmacy staff member is always available to talk to you about your medication. Call Pharmacy Services at 813-827-9764 or 813-827-9765 or stop by the Pharmacy.