Family Issues - Special Needs

As many as 15% of military families have members with special needs. These include spouses, children, or dependent parents who require special medical or educational services. These family members have a diagnosed physical, intellectual or emotional condition. The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) serves these families in several ways.

These four articles will provide families with special needs helpful information and points of contact:
  • Enrollment/EFMP - This article discusses the Exceptional Family Member Program enrollment, which is mandatory for all military personnel who have a member of their family with a medical or educational disability. The article discusses the purpose of enrollment, the process and provides Service-specific differences.
  • Family Support/EFMP - This article discusses the family support function of the EFMP, which may include information and referral support (to military and community resources), financial management assistance, relocation assistance, and for some families, case management. The article provides Service-specific differences and identifies the point of contact at each installation.
  • Health Care/Special Needs -The military health care system supports families with special needs in a number of ways. This article describes the special services and provides the point of contact at the Military Treatment Facility.
  • Special Education/EIS - Describes two programs that provide educational intervention for children with disabilities who are from birth to three (early intervention services) or are school aged (3-21) (special education).
Exceptional Family Member Program - Enrollment

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) includes a variety of personnel, medical, and family support functions. Enrollment is a major component of the program and is mandatory for all military personnel who have a member of their family with a medical or educational disability.

By submitting a completed DD 2792, EFM Medical Summary and/or the DD 2792-1, EFMP Educational Summary, the military member identifies that a family member has a special need. Information about the family member's condition including diagnosis, type of provider(s), frequency of care, medication, and special accommodations is documented on the forms. The information is used during the time that a service member is being considered for a new assignment to insure that the service member's family member can obtain necessary care at the new location.

Although each of the Military Services handles the enrollment somewhat differently, there are some commonalities:
  • Each Service uses the Department of Defense forms (DD 2792 and DD 2792-1)
  • Each Service submits the completed forms to the receiving location for review.
  • The receiving location indicates whether care is available.
  • The DD 2792 medical form is reviewed by medical personnel,
  • The DD 2792-1 is reviewed by educational personnel,
All of the information is confidential and private, and on a need to know basis.

Military personnel, depending upon the Service, can pick up the necessary forms as follows:
  • Army - At the military treatment facility - ask for the EFMP office.
  • Marine Corps - At Marine Corps Community Service. Ask for the EFMP manager.
  • Navy - At the military treatment facility. Ask for the EFMP Coordinators' Office.
  • Air Force - At the military treatment facility. Ask for the Special Needs Information and Assignment Coordination

(SNIAC) officer. These individuals can also explain the process for getting the forms completed, and for returning them.

Exceptional Family Member Program - Family Support

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) includes a variety of personnel, medical, and family support functions. The EFMP family support services may include, but are not limited to:
  • Information and referral for military and community services
  • Relocation assistance
  • Financial management
  • Local school and early intervention services information
  • Case management

To reach a family support program in the:
  • Army - Army Community Service - EFMP Manager
  • Marine Corps - Marine Corp Community Service - EFMP Coordinator
  • Air Force -Airman and Family Readiness Centers - EFMP-Family Support
  • Navy - Regional Information and Referral specialists
Military families with special needs who are not located near a military installation are encouraged to call Military OneSource (1-800-342-9647) and ask to speak with a special needs consultant. The Military OneSource program is designed to supplement programs and services available on the installation, and can be especially helpful to Guard and Reserve families who don't live near an installation, or to members who are geographically isolated.