MacDill AFB – Army Retirement Services Office

The MacDill AFB - Army Retirement Services Office is located next the Base Commissary in the Military Retiree Activities Office. Those interested in retirement should contact the RSO to obtain information regarding retirement eligibility and processing prior to submitting retirement applications. Soldiers will be thoroughly briefed on benefits and entitlements prior to retirement. Additionally, retired personnel are encouraged to call or visit the RSO regarding any questions or problems they may encounter. Courteous and prompt assistance is provided for all visitors. Our office is handicap accessible.

Driving Directions:
MacDill AFB – Main Gate
6901 S. Boundary Blvd
Tampa, Florida 33621

Correspondence Address:

Military Retiree Activities Office
ATTN: SFL-RSO (Mr. Smith)
2912 N. Boundary Blvd., Bldg. 925 MacDill AFB, Florida 33621-5018 
(Located next door to the Commissary)

Telephone Number:
Commercial: 813-828-0163
DSN: 968-0163

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., except holidays. Walk-ins are seen from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Appointments are encouraged.

Retiree Appreciation Day:
Retiree Appreciation Day events are hosted by Fort Stewart Retirement Services Office at various locations throughout the State of Florida, Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia. For more information about a future RAD event, please visit Retirement Services Office (

Pre-Retirement and Survivor Benefit Plan Briefings:
All Regular Army, United States Army Reserve and Army National Guard Soldiers retiring from Active-Duty Service with 20 or more years of Active Federal Service are required to attend a mandatory:
• Pre-Retirement and Survivor Benefit Plan briefings not later than 120 days prior to the start of Transition Leave and/or retirement date.
• Soldiers must have an approved retirement prior to scheduling for the briefings.
• Briefings are held every second and fourth Wednesday, by appointment only, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Gray Area Retirees:
All United States Army Reserve and Army National Guard Soldiers applying for Reserve Retirement Pay at Age 60 are encouraged to visit the Gray Area Retirements Branch to download the latest information to inquire about submitting applications for retirement. You are also encouraged to visit the Soldier for Life Reserve Retirements website for additional information.

Retirement Ceremonies:
The Soldier for Life – Retirement Services Office and MacDill AFB, does not host retirement ceremonies. Soldiers who wish to participate in a traditional Army retirement ceremony must contact the Fort Stewart Retirement Ceremonies Office at 912-435-1565 to inquire about their next scheduled ceremony.

Final Out-Processing Appointments and Office Location:
• Army Personnel Processing Center and Army Finance Support Team
• 7312 Royal Tern Avenue, Bldg. 1045, Tampa, Florida 33621-5419

Army Personnel Processing Center 
813-828-3036 (DSN 968) 

Defense Military Pay Office
813-828-5363 (DSN 968)

(Both offices located directly behind the Commissary Loading Dock, Bldg. 1045)

ID Cards:
ID Cards can be issued at any Florida location closest to your place of residence. For a complete listing of Florida ID card locations, please from one of the following websites:
MacDill AFB -
Outside Tampa Bay Area -