Off Base Housing

Find the housing you want Faster and Easier with! has added new features that will make finding a home at MacDill AFB  faster and easier. These new features include; More housing choices, more search options, and external email alerts.

More housing choices!

In addition to off-base and on-base/military rental listings, AHRN has added the following listings:

* Military For Sale by Owner: Military members looking to sell
their homes.
* Temporary Lodging/Housing: Rentals for short-term assignments.
* Shared Rentals: Military members wanting to share their rental

Remember, as a military member registered in, you can also list your rental unit, For Sale by Owner home, or post a shared rental listing for free!

More Search Options!

You can now search listings by;

* Type of listing (off-base/military/temporary/shared/for sale by
* Price range
* Community name
* Miles from base
* Lease terms

In addition to the numerous other search criteria previously available.
These new criteria allow you to further tailor your homefinding search.

Email Alerts Now Available!

Don't miss that reply from a property manager. can now send Email Alerts to your external email address (Username) notifying you of new messages in your AHRN message center.

To sign up for Email Alerts:

1) Click to log in to
2) Click on My Account in the side-navigation bar
3) Click "Yes" to #9. Automatic Email Notification
4) Click Save Settings

After you sign up, you will receive 2 email alerts a day in your regular email inbox notifying you of unread messages in your message center. You will continue to receive alerts until there are no unread messages in your message center. These email alerts will be sent to the email address provided as your username.

To stop the email alert function, log in to, click on My Account, click "No" to #9. Automatic Email Notification, and click Save Settings.

We trust these new features will help you find the home you are looking for!

Visit to start searching today!