MacDill Air Force Base

Approximately 6,600 military and civilian personnel.
Officers – 1,489 (6 ARW 389) (USCENTCOM 483)(USSOCOM 217)(OTHER: 400)
Enlisted – 3,758 (6 ARW 2147) (USCENTCOM 573)(USSOCOM 172)(OTHER: 866)
Civilian -- 1,356 (6 ARW 305) (USCENTCOM 101)(USSOCOM 330)(OTHER: 620)
Total – 6,603 (MQ/MSS 5 Nov. 99)
Home of USCENTCOM and USSOCOM and 48 other Mission Partners.
Located on 5,767 acres of land; 906 acres are wetlands.
Home for more than 20 protected and endangered species including the American Bald Eagle.

12 KC-135
3 C-37
2 WP-3D (NOAA)
2 DHC-6 (NOAA)
2 BH-212 (NOAA)
2 AC-500 (NOAA)
2 LA-27 (NOAA)
1 MD-500 (NOAA)
1 CE-550 (NOAA)
1 AC-690A (NOAA)

Economic Impact
Approximately 80 percent of military members and their families live in local communities.
Approximately 20 percent of military members live in base housing.
522 enlisted in dormitories
599 enlisted in family housing
37 officers in family housing
Tampa Business Journal lists MacDill as the 6th largest public-sector employer.
Total Impact of Operations equals nearly $1.4 billion.
Total Impact of Retiree’s Payroll equals $2.2 billion.
Contributes to more than 105,200 direct and indirect jobs in the area.
Total Economic Impact to the Tampa Bay community exceeds $3.5 billion annually.
Construction 16.2 18.8
Service Contracts 39.7 71.3
Purchased Commodities 19.9 52.5
Base Exchange 11.0 10.0
Commissary 54.9* 13.0 * includes spending outside impact region
Military APF* 222.5 205.3 * APF- appropriated funds
Civilian APF 50.3 61.3
Civilian NAPF* 13.8 16.6 * non-appropriated funds
Mil Retirees’ payroll 618.4 743.4
Education 1.6 0.8
Temporary Duty 4.2 4.8
BRAC 0.0 1.2
Misc. Expenses* 38.4 38.7 * expenses from NOAA, credit union Red Cross, SOCOM (equip. leases) and TRICARE

Historical Info
MacDill was named after Colonel Leslie MacDill, who was killed in an airplane crash near Washington D.C. on Nov. 9, 1938.
MacDill Army Air Base was officially activated on Apr 16, 1941.
MacDill’s first mission was training airmen in the B-17 Flying Fortress and B-26 Marauder aircraft.
Increasing tensions in 1961 led to the activation of the U.S. Strike Command headquartered at MacDill.
MacDill became a Tactical Air Command Training Base with the F-4s and then F-16s were assigned.
The last F-16s left the base in 1994; the base had no active duty aircraft for the first time.
The 6th Air Mobility Wing was activated Oct 1,1996 with the arrival of 12 KC-135 Stratotankers.
MacDill was a strategic center for such military operations as Just Cause in Panama, Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf, and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti.