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  • Around MacDill: Important places

    AICUZAntiterrorismBX - MacDill ExchangeBase phone numbersCommissaryDavis Conference CenterEconomic Impact statementEnvironmental6th Force Support Squadron6th FSS: Military Personnel FlightGate Operations informationHurricane informationLegal OfficeMacDill Thunderbolt6th AMW HistoryMacDill

  • Assistance Programs - Employment Assistance

    Employment Opportunities The Airman and Family Readiness Center offers employment and transition assistance to spouses/ family members of active duty, reservist, retirees, and DoD employee through the Employment and Transition Assistance Programs. Spouses/family members seeking employment in MacDill

  • Assistance Programs - Health Care

    Moving With TRICARE Your TRICARE coverage is completely portable-meaning it moves with you. You're covered worldwide-both in transit to your new duty location and once you arrive-but depending on where you go you may use a different TRICARE health plan option. Additionally, you may have different

  • Assistance Programs - Health Care Special Needs

    Exceptional Family Member Program The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is mandatory for all family members who have been identified with a special medical or educational need. Enrolling in the EFMP ensures that the family member's medical needs will be considered during the assignment

  • Assistance Programs - Legal Assistance

      The MacDill Legal Office provides legal assistance to eligible clients every Tuesday and Wednesday. Morning and afternoon appointments are available to meet with an attorney to discuss your personal civil law issues. Please note, the highest priority is given to personnel who need mobilization or

  • Assistance Programs - Relocation Assistance

    Programs and Services While moving is always stressful, your stress can be drastically reduced if you take full advantage of the information, education, and personal assistance provided to you by the Relocation Program. This is the place to find answers and get referral to other installation