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  • Eagle Eyes

    Every citizen, military or civilian, can have a positive effect in the ongoing war on terrorism. The Eagle Eyes program is an anti-terrorism initiative that enlists the eyes and ears of Air Force members and citizens in local community against the war on terror. If you observe any suspicious

  • Economic Resource Impact Statement

    Since its establishment in 1939, MacDill Air Force Base has been an active partner in the financial growth of the Greater Tampa Bay Area. For years, aircrews have trained here for combat duty in the European Theater of World War II, the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam/Southeast Asia, the Persian Gulf, and

  • Education - Local Schools

    Choosing the right school for their children is a priority for military families. This article describes excellent resources for your use in planning for your child's educational needs. Parents can find current information about public, charter and private schools by using the tools below: 1. How do

  • Education - Overview

    The Hillsborough County School system provides public education for K-12. The Hillsborough School District and MacDill AFB have partnered in an initiative to improve the transition of military children into the Florida public school system. In order to accomplish this, the school district needs

  • Education - Special Education EFMP

    Exceptional Family Member Program The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is mandatory for all family members who have been identified with a special medical or educational need. Enrolling in the EFMP ensures that the family member's medical needs will be considered during the assignment

  • Education - Training (College/Technical)

    Continuing Education The education center is the one-stop shop for all education related subjects, from certificate programs to CCAF degrees, from tuition assistance to CLEP tests. Classes and assistance is available to prepare individuals for exams such as the Graduate Equivalent Diploma (GED),

  • Environmental Management System Policy Letter

    1. Every member of the MacDill Air Force Base community makes a commitment to the United States of America. This commitment includes a responsibility to be role models in all facets of life, both at home and in the places where we work. Our work space contains a tremendous diversity of wildlife