Team MacDill

About UsThe 6th Air Refueling Wing is organized into five groups: Operations, Maintenance, Mission Support, Medical, and the Wing Staff. Team MacDill includes 28 associate units from all branches of service to include U.S. Central Command, U.S. Special Operations Command, and the 927th Air Refueling Wing.

The presence of these two unified commands and other Mission Teammates creates a unique multi-service community at MacDill, with all branches of service represented. So, although MacDill is an Air Force Base, it is also home to many soldiers, sailors, Marines and coast guardsman.

6th ARW Command Team

6th ARW Group Commanders


Col. Jeff F. Mrazik - 6th Operations Group
Col. Katherine A.E. Lilly - 6th Maintenance Group
Col. Jason H. Parker - 6th Mission Support Group
Col. Erich W. Schroder - 6th Medical Group

Our Mission

MacDill symbol


The 6th Air Refueling Wing Accelerates GLOBAL AIRPOWER; Operates PREMIER INSTALLATION SUPPORT, SECURITY and OUTREACH; and Develops RESILIENT TEAMS, MISSION EXPERTS and FAMILIES always prepared to do the next hard thing...and WIN against any threat!


Deliver HOPE...Project LETHALITY with a Winning Scheme of Maneuver to provide Victory for America, Always!


Charge the STORM...LETS GO!


Protect Championship Peninsula...ALL domains.


Winning Teams filled with Dignity and Respect for all to accelerate with empowerment and cohesion.


Winning engagements with our Mission Partners and the Tampa Bay Community.


Win with Airmen by providing environments and experiences where ALL can gain Grit and develop Warrior Hearts. 

Mission Experts:

Worldwide Ready, Nuclear Prepared...NOBODY better than MacDill!