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Force Improvement Program

The Force Improvement Program is for current enlisted and commissioned Airmen (E-1 thru O-10) only.

This is a forum for Airmen to talk to the wing commander and channel suggestions up the chain of command. When you submit this form, it will be logged and tracked to ensure you receive a response within ten duty days. There are no suggestions too small. If you simply save MacDill five minutes or $100 a week, the savings will add up. The philosophy of the Force Improvement Program is to gather information directly from the field to determine the most pressing issues, determine the root causes and implement solutions.

Thank you for participating in the MacDill Force Improvement Program. Email completed forms to

Click here for the Force Improvement Program Form.

Commander's Action Line

The Commander's Action Line is a forum for the MacDill Air Force Base community.

The Commander's Action Line provides the community a direct link to Col. Bingham, 6th Air Refueling Wing commander. The Commander's Action Line can be used to express constructive points of view on the policies and procedures of the base, as well as discuss safety and security issues.

The goal is to provide you with an accurate, timely response. Col. Bingham wants your input; however, Airmen should use this tool after coordinating problems or concerns with supervisors, first sergeants or commanders. If you're not satisfied with the response, or you are unable to resolve the issue, the Commander's Action Line is for you.

Thank you for participating in the Commander's Action Line. Email suggestions/complaints to