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  1. Base leaders to facilitate virtual town hall next Tuesday, Aug 18th. Details TBD
  2. Join Tinker Elementary for their back to school question and answer fair. (Click Here)


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Hillsborough County release school reopening plan -
Video - (Click Here)
Press Release - (Click Here)

Hillsborough County

Return Date:  24 AUG 20


Masks:  Students and teachers in Hillsborough County will be required to wear masks for the new school year when social distancing isn't possible.  The district will provide three reusable masks for each student and teacher.

Safety Precautions: Temperature checks for visitors and staff. Parents will be asked to pre-screen their kids for symptoms before sending them to school.

Hernando County


Return Date:  31 AUG 20

Masks:  Students and staff will be required to wear face masks or coverings on campus and on buses. Face shields are also acceptable.      

Safety Precautions:  There will not be temperature screenings at the school, but parents are encouraged to take their child’s temperature before sending them to school. Parents must keep students home if their temperature is above 100 degrees.

Pasco County


Return Date:  24 AUG 20

Masks: Students will be expected to wear masks or cloth face coverings on the school bus, but masks will not be required in classrooms. 

Safety Precautions: Students will practice safe social distancing to the greatest extent possible. Schools will use signage and consistent communication to discourage the gathering of large groups of students. Cleaning will be increased. Hand sanitizer will be made available in classrooms and workplaces. Air conditioning filters will be changed more frequently.

Pinellas County

Return Date:  24 AUG 20


Masks: Masks are required for students, staff and visitors when social distancing isn't an option. Masks are also required for everyone on the school bus. All students and school district employees will get five free, reusable masks at the start of the school year. 

Safety Precautions: Students and staff will participate in self-screening. Students who are not feeling well will be placed in a dedicated space until they can be cleared or picked up. There will be increased cleaning.

Manatee County


Return Date:  17 AUG 20

Masks:  Students and staff will be required to wear face masks, coverings or shields in school and on buses. Masks will also be worn when outside on school grounds or property unless at recess, PE or some other organized outdoor activity where social distancing is practiced. Cloth masks will be provided to all students and staff.

Polk County


Return Date:  24 AUG 20

Masks: Face coverings are required on buses and in schools for students in second-grade through twelfth-grade. Face masks are recommended but not required for Pre-K, Kindergarten and first-grade. 

Safety Precautions: There will be increased cleaning. Students and staff will be trained to spot the symptoms of COVID-19. Hand sanitizer will be provided.


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