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‘We Care Guide’ available for all Airmen

MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. - Air Mobility Command launched a new online resource called the “We Care Guide” that connects Airmen to a list of resources that can meet their needs.

“In March 2017, Maj. Gen. Thomas Sharpy, Air Mobility Command deputy commander, gave his concurrence to press with the development of an ‘easy button’ that would reside on all personnel desktop[s] that literally puts resources one-click or touch away from assistance,” said Ivera Harris, AMC community support program manager.

The AMC Community Action Team selected the categories and charged Scott Air Force Base with building a template which can be easily replicated and standardized across all AMC bases.

When someone clicks on the “We Care Guide” on their desktop, it immediately takes them to a webpage full of 33 different categories such as addictions, family assistance, legal assistance, and health concerns. The categories contain resources listed below them in order of relevance. This same information is available 24 hours a day on the
http://www.macdill.af.mil/About-Us/WeCare/ link.

Ronald Draper, 6th Air Mobility Wing community support coordinator added that, "The We Care Guide will provide

immediate access to information about our helping agencies on base and even some within the DoD. This tool will strengthen relationships between supervisors, subordinates, and family members as we build a resilient community and take care of each other."

AMC has many programs and services to support Airmen and their families. Sometimes these resources can be hard to find, which leads people to think their resources are limited. This can cause frustration and confusion for Airmen, their families and their unit leaders.  

“There are issues that are consistently at hand and impact every segment of our population: reducing suicides, sexual assaults, spouse abuse, child abuse, on or off duty safety, and other negative behaviors that impede mission readiness, said Harris. "We constantly search for ways to address these issues. This tool is Airmen-tested and AMC Airmen say ‘the command hit the mark.'”     

*Editors Note: This story is a localized version of the original written by Airman 1st Class Kristin Savage, 375th AMW Public Affairs