MacDill Transition Assistance Program

  • Published
  • By Troy Johnson, 6th Force Support Squadron, Transition Assistance Program manager

Separating or retiring soon? The MacDill Air Force Base Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides information and training to ensure service members transitioning from active duty are prepared for their next step in life—whether pursuing additional education, finding a job in the private sector or starting their own business.

In accordance with Public Law, initial and pre-separation counseling will begin as soon as possible during the 24-month period preceding an anticipated retirement date but no later than 365 days before retirement.

Initial and pre-separation counselling should take place between 18-24 months before an anticipated separation but no later than 365 days before separation. TAP requirements must be completed in the following order:

  1. Initial counseling/pre-separation counseling (offered every Monday and Wednesday from 12-4 p.m.)
  2. 3-day TAP workshop (mandatory), and the 2-day employment track (offered 2x month)
  3. Education, vocational or entrepreneurship tracks (offered every other month)
  4. Capstone session/completion of eForm DD Form 2268, Pre-separation Counseling Checklist (approx. 30 minutes, offered as needed)

*Note: All requirements must be complete prior to your final out appointment, starting Skillbridge or terminal leave

To schedule, contact the Military & Family Readiness Center TAP team at (813) 828-0138 or email: 6FSS.FSH.TAP@US.AF.MIL

For more information about the Air Force Transition Assistance Program, visit the Air Force’s Personnel Center website at: