Nutrition smart fueling initiative

  • Published
  • By Susan Haley, 6th Medical Operations Squadron Health Promotions registered dietitian

At MacDill AFB, we are committed to the holistic health and physical fitness of our military families.

How can you personalize your plate? The dietary guidelines encourage Americans to enjoy nutrient dense foods and beverages that reflect personal preferences, respect cultural traditions and take into consideration budgetary limitations.

MacDill has many "Smart fueling initiative" resources to help with that! First, we are fortunate to have three registered dietitian nutritionists who can tailor a healthful plan for you and your family that is unique as you are!

Second, the MacDill Commissary is one of 22 installations that have the new grab-n-go dietitian approved fueling stations.

It's located near the self-serve check out and is filled with nutritious, high performance foods.

Additionally, the Exchange Express has a similar grab-n-go station near the entrance filled with "Be Fit" approved food items.

Third, the MacDill Dining Facility has food coded green, yellow and red as part of the "Go for Green" program which uses a stoplight system to help identify the nutrition quality or sodium content of the foods and drinks.

This helps makes the high performance choice the easier choice for our military families.

Coming soon is a brand new program unique to MacDill called, “VRTL Eats.”

Developed by Chef Bill as part of the training program for DFAC personnel, anyone will be able to attend the virtual cooking class via Facebook Live by following along step-by-step instructions with their own ingredients.

Finally, our food and beverage operations have introduced a brand of healthy foods called "Power Eats.” Look for the logo to help you identify your power bowl.

For additional information, contact Human Performance Clinic at (813) 828-4739