6th OMRS physical therapy team keeps warfighters ready

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Timothy Montano, 6th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron physical therapy assistant

When it comes to keeping our warfighters in the fight, whether in-garrison or in a deployed location, injury prevention is always at the forefront.

At the 6th Medical Group, the physical therapy clinic provides individuals with the tools they need to implement a solid injury prevention self-program.

The staff are experts in helping patients establish goals, improve biomechanics, provide individualized fitness programs, as well as provide education on various aspects of injury prevention to include healing progression and lifestyle modifications, such as sleeping positions, ergonomics and posture.

During the month of November, the physical therapy team will be leading a pilot program called the senior fitness trainer course, which aims to redefine and enhance the current Air Force physical training leader certification by creating a holistic approach to readiness and resiliency. 

This program is designed to optimize the human weapon system through physical readiness and integrated resilience, while focusing on unit-specific mission essential tasks.

At the end of the course, the senior fitness trainer will be able to speak to, and model, the importance of physical fitness through the scope of each Airman’s mission essential tasks.

Musculoskeletal injuries are one of the leading causes affecting service member readiness. Your physical therapy team is here to arm you with the tools you need to improve your overall quality of life.

For more information, contact the physical therapy clinic at (813) 827-9390.