MacDill promotes National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Sara Sanchez
  • 6th Healthcare Operations Squadron

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everyone can get involved in raising awareness.

Breast cancer affects one in eight women with someone being diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes in the United States.

Knowing your risks and conducting regular breast checks are crucial to early detection and intervention. It is also important to see your doctor for routine visits and always discuss any family history with your healthcare provider.

If you notice a change in your body, no matter how small it may seem, speak up and advocate for yourself. Remember, touch your chest, look for changes, and share all concerns with your healthcare provider.

Screenings can be performed at MacDill Women's Health Clinic, Sabal Park Women's Health Clinic and with your primary care provider.

Mammograms are recommended for anyone with a family history of breast cancer with routine screening starting at age 40 occurring annually. The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed the better the chance of successful treatment.

Every October people worldwide show their support for those affected by breast cancer. This October could be your chance to wear pink, spread your story and remind your friends and family to get mammograms.

For more information, please contact MacDill’s Women’s Health Clinic at (813) 827-9336.