The Office of Special Investigations provides counterintelligence to MacDill

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Derrick Bole

The Office of Special Investigations Detachment 340 is at the tip of the spear when it comes to protecting base personnel and property from both external and internal threats.

Detachment 340 delivers counterintelligence products at MacDill year-round by briefing service members on the importance of operational security and their role in protecting Air Mobility Command’s mission.

OSI ensures the safety of base personnel by investigating suspicious persons, base security risks, potential OPSEC violations and more.

“Anything or anyone that’s threatens Department of the Air Force or Department of Defense assets, will attract our attention and mitigation,” said Special Agent Sam Legarreta, OSI Detachment 340 counterintelligence agent.

“We provide a first-class service to this base,” said Special Agent Tim Ries, OSI Detachment 340 special agent in charge. “We combat both traditional threats and insider threats. When the enemy comes to MacDill to threaten or misuse our information, our programs, or our people, we can nip it in the bud, because we are out there and aware.”

Ries defined an insider threat as an operative or agency that is either recruiting people that already work on staff or inserting themselves on staff to learn secrets.

OSI urges Airmen to report anything that might be a danger to the people on base and the mission.

“If you see something, say something,” Legarreta said.

Risks could look like anything, from a seemingly harmless person observing operations from off base to another Airman taking cell phone pictures on the flight line. An insider threat could be anything from a terrorist to a foreign intelligence officer.

“Even if you see something that you think is small, it could call attention to a much bigger problem,” Legarreta said. “Being vocal is the best way to help our mission.”

If you need to report something, OSI can meet you on your schedule.

“We’re really flexible with everybody’s schedule,” Legarreta said. “We’ll work with you, and we’ll come to you to make things as easy as possible.”

When it comes to protecting the lives of base personnel and their families, it’s everyone’s duty to report suspicious activity to OSI.

To report suspicious activity concerning the installation, contact OSI Detachment 340 at (813) 828-4921.