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Judge Advocate General ROTC programs available

  • Published
  • By A1C Caleb J. George
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Legal Office

Have you ever wanted to be part of one of the world’s largest law firms? The Air Force Judge Advocate General career field is one of the world’s largest law firms. If you are interested in becoming a JAG there are several different ways to enter into the career field. One of the ways is the Reserve Officer Training Corps Educational Delay Program.

The Ed Delay-in program is for ROTC members who want to delay their entry into active duty in order to complete a law degree.  There are two selection boards that must be passed in order to make it into the JAG career field. The first board is at the beginning of the Ed Delay-in program and the second board is near the end of law school and it is called the Ed Delay-out, this board is for selection into the Judge Advocate General Corps. There are no scholarships or awards for participation in the program and all participants must pay for their own legal education.

Students interested must take several steps in order to apply for the Educational Delay-in program. The first step is to apply through their local AFROTC Detachment, and to the Air Force Institute of Technology during the spring semester of their senior year. 

The second step is to apply to the Judge Advocate General Corps online at, the online application deadline is January 10 and students must accomplish an interview with a Staff Judge Advocate before February 1. The Spring deadline for applying is April 10.

Students must meet certain requirements for eligibility to include: good academic standing, having applied and being admitted to an American Bar Association approved law school, and completed the AFROTC program and obtained a commission as a second lieutenant. 

During your time as an Educational Delay-in student you will be assigned to AFIT and will serve in a reserve status during your legal education.  Between the second and third year of law school, students perform an internship at the closest base legal office to their residence.  The internship usually lasts anywhere from 60 to 89 days, during the internship the student will get active duty pay, benefits, and travel allowances.

The same application process will be completed again during their final semester of law school.  The second time, the application process is to enter the Judge Advocate General Corps. Again the deadlines are January 10 for the online application and February 1 fort the SJA interview. If the applicant is not chosen for the JAG career field they will be referred to the Air Force Personnel center for an assignment as an officer. Selection is not solely based upon academic achievements, it is based upon the “whole person” criteria. Many factors go into being selected as a JAG. For more information and questions call 1-800-JAG-USAF or visit the website at