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Meet the new 310th AS commander

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  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs
Lt. Col. Derrick Hodges assumed command of the 310th Airlift Squadron, June 22. He took time out to introduce himself to the MacDill community and answered a few questions from the Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt: What do you expect of the Airmen under your command?

Hodges: As professional military aviators on this team, I expect them to be Airmen first. Their demonstrated ability to execute complex distinguished visitor airlift missions is important; but the Air Force demands more. I expect them to progress as leaders, maintain standards and mentor others.

Thunderbolt: Who are your favorite leaders and role models and why?

Hodges: I've been fortunate to have served with many fine officers and enlisted leaders but one person immediately comes to mind. My father has always been the leader and role model that I try to emulate. Chief Warrant Officer Joe Hodges was a 27-year Army veteran who led by example and often shared insights from his career with me. My favorite of these discussions always related to young lieutenants who rotated through his unit. My father mentored these junior Soldiers and helped them grow into fine Army officers. I have tremendous respect for our strong senior noncommissioned leaders!

Thunderbolt: What does it mean to you to be a new commander?

Hodges: It's a humbling opportunity. I'm charged to ensure mission accomplishment and continue the legacy of excellence set by my predecessors. The 310th AS excels at providing safe, comfortable, and reliable transport to our combatant commanders. Our leaders demand this, and my role will be to continue to improve the service we provide to our customers.

Thunderbolt: When you hold your first commander's call what is the first thing you are going to tell your Airmen?

Hodges: I've had the pleasure of working with this team for the last year and know them quite well. As their new commander, it is vital that I describe my vision for the future, state my expectations for the unit and explain what they can expect from me as well.

Thunderbolt: What are your thoughts about MacDill and living in Tampa?

Hodges: Quality of life is wonderful in this area. My family and I are very pleased to be a part of the Tampa community and really enjoy the strong sense of camaraderie that only comes with living in base housing with great military families.