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The Pigskin Picker (1st and 10...)

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  • By Mack Dill
  • The Pigskin Picker
Hello Football Fans! I'm back this week with my 1st and 10 picks. Last week's picks did pretty well, but I did take a hit with Florida State on the college side and the Eagles on the pro side. On a positive note, those games certainly didn't disappoint, and it was another great football weekend. Now let's put it in the past and get to this week's picks.

I'm not one for drama, so let's start with the game of the week. This week, I'm picking one of the great NFL rivalries: Green Bay Packers going up against the Chicago Bears at Chicago. There's nothing like a good, old-fashioned game of smashmouth football and these two teams never disappoint. Here's the problem though: Jay Cutler's offensive line doesn't love him. I'm not a pro quarterback, and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but I've been practicing all week and I cannot throw a football with any accuracy when I'm lying on my back. I don't think Bears fans should expect Mr. Cutler to be able to do it either. Chicago needs to protect their QB and make this a defensive match-up. If they're able to do that, they'll slip by the Packers. Otherwise, it's a beautiful day in the Mr. Rodgers' neighborhood - yes, I'm speaking of Aaron Rodgers - and Green Bay runs away with it. My pick: Green Bay.

Okay, now on to the college match-ups.

Arkansas at Alabama - a great SEC rivalry, but it's being played at home. The Crimson Tide will be too much for the Razorbacks.

Tennessee State at Air Force - I'm going for irony on this one and saying that Air Force will win this game on the ground and not the air.

Oklahoma State at Texas A&M - This is a great match-up. Both teams are looking stronger than ever, both are undefeated going into Saturday, and this is the first conference game for both. Looking at the threat of QB Brandon Weeden and WR Justin Blackmon, I'm giving the edge to #7 OSU over #8 Texas A&M. If you are a true fan of college football - watch this game.
North Carolina vs Georgia Tech - Nobody told Georgia Tech it wasn't basketball season and, as a result, we are seeing some amazing scores. In the last three games they've put 178 points on the board. Just last week, we saw 66 points against Kansas. If you like watching offense - watch this one. Undefeated Georgia Tech remains undefeated.

LSU at West Virginia - this is getting some good hype and should be a good game, but LSU's roster is looking healthy this week. Although West Virginia's Geno Smith did a great job of using different receivers last week, LSU's defense will put more pressure on him than what he saw with Maryland. LSU wins this one on the road.

Now let's look at Sunday's games.

Houston at New Orleans - Saints are back, Brees is throwing laser-like passes, and Sproles has been a great replacement for Reggie Bush. Houston's looking good, but they haven't been tested yet. That will happen this weekend. Look for the Saints to win at home.

New England at Buffalo - Don't kid yourself on this one. This is a different Buffalo, and the Pats know it. Fitzpatrick is very mobile and he sees the field very well. New England's secondary is a little shaky right now, so that may be where the Bills take advantage. But the Patriots have this guy named Brady who is throwing like a maniac and he spreads it around so everyone is a threat. At the end of the day Patriots win.

Denver at Tennessee - Will Denver fans pay me if I beg for Tebow to be put into the game? Here's the thing: Denver has too many distractions and really don't have a good feel on who's healthy (thus the reason Tebow was put in as a slot receiver last Sunday). The Titans on the other hand are now showing that they have a bigger arsenal than Chris Johnson. Look for Tennessee to stomp the Broncos at home. Tebow! Tebow! Tebow! (Denver fans can make checks payable to...)

Detroit at Minnesota - Is it possible that the Vikings will be 0 and 3 after this weekend, and that two of those losses will be at home. Yeah, very possible. Detroit wins.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay - I'm feeling good about the Bucs. When Freeman is calling his own plays, he's amazing. They are putting the ball in LeGarrette Blount's hands a little more, and they're playing at home. I'm calling this one right now and saying that not only does Tampa Bay get the win, but they'll be the lead story on SportsCenter! Now that's a prediction!

So that's it for this week's picks. Enjoy your weekend and I hope your team wins!