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Team MacDill high caliber; some of this week's standouts

  • Published
  • By Col. Lenny Richoux
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing commander
Each week, I see examples of the high caliber of personnel we have serving at MacDill. You see it too. They are in every organization. Although I can't call each of you out by name every week, I'm going to at least give a big pat on the back to three who caught my attention recently.

I had the privilege recently of decorating one of our finest combatants. What an honor to pin the Bronze Star, the nation's tenth highest medal, on the shirt of Senior Master Sgt. Dallas Turner, 911th Air Refueling Squadron. He earned it for his service during a recent tour in Afghanistan where he led 48 air advisors mentoring 400 Afghan Airmen in the combat zone. Well earned!

By the way, if you didn't make it to the Deployed Spouses Dinner last week, you missed a good one. Though I was TDY, I heard the 6th Medical Group's Master Sgt. Joseph Miller did a tremendous job putting together an event that will provide some great memories for the families of those who are serving America so far from home. Super job!

Finally, Airman 1st Class Eduardo Flores a vehicle operator/dispatcher for the 6th Logistics Readiness Squadron was selected as the Distinguished Visitor driver for Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Roy's recent, time-sensitive visit to MacDill. When he's not demonstrating the spit and polish at work that prompts his leaders to make him the face of the base for our Air Force's top enlisted leader, Airman Flores has been working towards his Community College of the Air Force degree. With just two more classes, he'll clear that hurdle. There's more. Since November 2010, he has served as the vice president of the Dorm Council and was a leader in the renovation of the Airmen's Attic and establishment of the library area. Keep charging, young man!

While we were TDY last week, Chief Derrick Crowley and I attended the 18th Air Force Commanders and Command Chiefs Conference at Dover AFB, Del.

The theme of the conference was "heritage and resiliency." That's also a consistent theme of our country's history. As we prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July this weekend, take a minute to ponder the incredible events and innumerable sacrifices that established and sustained this exceptional nation you and I serve.

The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 patriots on July 4, 235 years ago. It was a daring and bold initiative to declare to their king and country -- one of the earth's most powerful -- that they were throwing off their destructive government in order to build a new one whose just powers truly came from the consent of the governed.

Each one of you is a caretaker of their vision as you serve to support and defend the Constitution that provides the framework of the government they launched in 1776. As you watch the fireworks and listen to the patriotic marches this weekend, think about what an awesome privilege it is to serve in that role. Think about the people whose footsteps you now walk in. Take pride in that tradition. Just like those 56 forefathers, you have each demonstrated the willingness to pledge your lives, your fortunes and your sacred honor.

And just like some of them, some of you will forfeit some of these treasures in service to America. They provided the heritage; you're demonstrating the resiliency. That's why you are what makes our nation great. And it's another reason why...

I am proud to serve with you in the finest Air Mobility Wing on the face of the planet!