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Keep safety in mind; this week’s team standouts

  • Published
  • By Col. Lenny Richoux
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing commander
The "101 Critical Days of Summer" campaign kickoff is rapidly approaching. During this seasonal campaign extra emphasis is placed on outdoor and recreation safety. Officially, the campaign starts next month, but living in Florida, we are already experiencing the advantage of the best conditions for enjoying great outdoor recreation.
I hope you're taking the opportunity to participate in activities you had to hold off on until the weather cooperated, but I also hope you're engaging in them safely.
With many of the Airmen here, I've noticed that they've made safety and risk mitigation a part of their lifestyles. They practice and live it every day. I'm also proud to see that our young Airmen are on board with instructing the monthly "Alive at 25" mandatory safety course.
This level of commitment to safety shouldn't be limited to our conduct on the base, at the park, or in our homes. We should practice the same commitment to safety during the commute to and from work, school or any other occasion for travel, especially on motorcycles.
We've seen the Air Force statistic on motorcycle mishaps--fatalities are up over 150 percent since January 2011. For MacDill Air Force Base, one mishap or fatality is one too many. I want to continue to encourage and thank our most-junior motorcyclists up to the ranking supervisors on this base for doing their part to ensure safety is learned and practiced, AT ALL TIMES.
There are more than 350 motorcyclists on the base. Riding a motorcycle can be an exciting yet cost-effective way to commute, additionally the Air Force has declared, "2011-Year of Motorcycle Safety."
The 6th Air Mobility Wing Safety Office is supporting that declaration by asking MacDill cyclists and those who want to start riding bikes to work to get the training, exercise special caution, use personnel protective equipment and know a rider's limits. The Safety Office has invited the Florida Highway Patrol to provide a brief on motorcycle safety next month. The Safety Office also coordinates periodically scheduled motorcyclists' Basic Riders Course.
More will be sent through announcements for next month's events that the Safety Office's Tech. Sgt. Tanisha Williams, "101 Critical Days of Summer" campaign point-of-contact is organizing to support MacDill AFB's awareness initiatives. I highly encourage you to get involved in those planned events.
Next week, we start the "National Save a Life Tour" in Hangar 3. This is a very entertaining, but informative driving-under-the-influence awareness presentation. Again, full base participation and support for these events are highly encouraged.
For this week's "shout outs" I want to congratulate Airman 1st Class Brennan Tarvin, of the 6th Civil Engineer Squadron. Airman Tarvin recently supported training eight Sarasota firefighters. He helped conduct live-fire training burns enabling the firefighters to earn their annual Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Certification. He was also selected 6th CES' first quarter Airman of the Quarter.
6th Medical Group's Capt. Michael Gitchel, an Optometrist, was recently invited to speak at University of South Florida's career day. He also worked with the 369th Recruiting Group/Health Professions and spoke at Nova Southeastern University. He used these opportunities to bring awareness to medical students on military careers in the Air Force.
I am proud to serve with you in the finest Air Mobility Wing on the face of the planet!