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We're in the 'yes' business; week's top performers

  • Published
  • By Col. Lenny Richoux
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing commander
Recently, I hosted a series of Commander's Calls in which I met with the MacDill family and discussed a few timely and relevant mission topics.

During the "All Call" discussions, I emphasized our overall philosophy of us being in the "yes" business. What I mean by that is that we should have an attitude of yes to the call of maintaining the mission. We don't know what the world holds for us tomorrow, and we have to be ready to do what our country asks us to do. We, the MacDill family, are the best of America and I depend on your leadership, which goes from the top brass to the E-1 executing the mission. I can't run the wing alone.

My priorities have not changed. Mission readiness and accomplishment are at the top, but we must accomplish the mission the right way. We have to accomplish the mission safely. You are the irreplaceable human capital that makes the mission happen. If I take care of you, the mission will take care of itself.

I'm taking care of you by looking out for your homes based on what you've expressed you want.

We are growing the base population and are making our base a community. We provide support where most of the base lives, and it's my job to make the base a place where you and your family can work and live comfortably. Since 2001, we've tripled the base population. With the increased population, we need places for kids to play and recreation that engages all of the families. I've found it true that when you don't have to worry about your family's well-being, you'll get the mission done. I want to provide support to you, where you live, which requires my service agencies to branch out. One of my initiatives is to reach out to the vast numbers of spouses and families who live out in Brandon.

We have a few things planned in Brandon next month that will bring the spouses together, have them enjoy a dinner with other spouses and introduce them to the support services that are helpful while the deployed member is away.

We've got to be in the business of taking care of all of our people, especially those who see no way out of the pressure of their current problems.

Last year 100 people in the Air Force resorted to a permanent solution to resolve temporary problems. They committed suicide. Analog leadership has to be in place to prevent events like this from happening. I deal with this question every night - "Are my people safe?" We need to continue taking care of each other and as I said, I can't run this base alone. I need strong leaders to lock arm-in-arm to take care of all of the MacDill family.

Shout-outs for this week demonstrate how we all are taking care of each other. 6th AMW Command Chief Derrick Crowley pulled together a committee of dedicated folks who worked hard on the Annual Awards Recognition Banquet that will be held here Friday. Their tireless work went into planning an event that is so top-shelf the honorees and others who are attending will be beyond proud of what went into the star-quality event.

Staff Sgt. Tom Morone, a 310th Airlift Squadron flight attendant and the unit's physical training leader, organized and led weekly physical training sessions - instrumental to a 94 percent unit pass rate.

The Medical Group's Tech. Sgt. Tamara Abernathy-Greene is being recognized for her superior performance in conducting occupational health exams for the 6th AMW and personnel in 39 other tenant units who are flying and executing special operational duty. She also performs paraprofessional portions of preventative health assessments with oversight of grounding and waiver management for the 6th AMW aviators.

I am proud to serve with you in the finest Air Mobility Wing on the face of the planet!