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To all AMC Airmen

  • Published
  • By Gen. Raymond E. Johns, Jr.
  • AMC
To all AMC Airmen,

First, let me say how proud I am of you and for all your contributions to our nation and this Command. Every member of the AMC family is vitally important to our team and to the success of our mission. Unfortunately, we have recently lost many of our teammates due to an alarming rise in suicides and motor vehicle accidents. For this reason, I have directed our Wings to pause all operations on May 10th so each of you may participate in a Command Wingman Stand Down.

Through dynamic group discussions, enhanced by an interactive video, we will reemphasize the importance of awareness, accountability, communication, and team building. This will not be a day of lectures, but rather an opportunity for you to discover new ways to reverse this deadly trend.

Please know each of you possess an essential piece to the solution - a solution that is not dependent on rank or position. That said, it is our hope that by giving you this time you may discover new ways to look after each other, and perhaps, even save a life.

So please join me on Monday, May 10th, and let's renew our commitment to being good Wingmen.

General Raymond E. Johns, Jr.
AMC Commander