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AMC commander: 'Time to give thanks'

  • Published
  • By Gen. Raymond E. Johns Jr.
  • Air Mobility Command Commander
For over 230 years our great nation has celebrated Thanksgiving as a time to recognize the many priceless gifts we enjoy as Americans. It's a time to appreciate and celebrate our families and our friends; a time to reflect on how privileged we are to live in such a great land of opportunity.

For those of us who are fortunate to be home, this is also a time to pause and count our blessings. It's an opportunity to dial down the busyness of our lives and share a meal with family and friends while reflecting on the many things we who serve in our nation's Air Force have to be thankful for. Not the least of which is the gift of freedom you secure by making the military a way of life so people everywhere can enjoy liberty's bounty.

If you're one of the more than eight thousand AMC Airmen who will not be able to be home with their families, friends and loved ones this Thanksgiving please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Because of your selfless sacrifice and willingness to answer our nation's call, anytime, anywhere, our country and our world is a better, safer place.

Finally, thank you for the overwhelming welcome you extended to our family. We consider ourselves immensely blessed to be part of such a caring and giving family. I am honored to be your Commander.

Happy Thanksgiving.