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Shoot for the STARS

  • Published
  • By Col. Randal Bright
  • 927th Air Refueling Wing commander
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the 927th Air Refueling Wing for the great change of command ceremony and the warm and hospitable welcome to MacDill Air Force Base. It is with great pleasure and pride that I assume command of this great wing. You should be proud of the accomplishments that you have done over the years as well as the accomplishments that you are performing as you read this. To our mission partners, 6th Air Mobility Wing, we will be your unrivaled wingman!

For those that may not have made it to the change of command ceremony, I have five basic principles that can be summed up with the acronym of STARS.

Safety - we must be safe in everything that we do here on our job, at home and at our civilian jobs.
Training - you must take every opportunity to get all of the training that you can to make you as well prepared to do your job, and it is my responsibility to get the training that you need.
Attitude - we must have a good and positive attitude. Bad attitudes are disruptive to good order and discipline, camaraderie and morale.
Readiness - we must be ready to do our jobs at any given moment, so therefore we must be trained and prepared to go when the call comes. This also extends to our families and civilian employers; we must have them prepared as well so that we may go forward when needed by the nation.
Standards - very simply the Air Force core values, Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do. We will uphold these standards.

Schools have started back up in the areas surrounding the base, which means fall is right around the corner. Labor Day weekend is upon us ending our summer, let's be safe in all that we do to return safely to work after the holiday. Do not forget the importance of the families to the work that you do here. If it were not for the support of your family, you would not be here to do the outstanding job you do for the 6th AMW, the 927th ARW, 4th and 18th Air Forces, Air Mobility Command, Air Force Reserve Command, the Air Force and our nation; without you we could not do the work that we do, and without the families you could not do that work. Be sure to thank them for their support and enjoy the fall together.

Again, thank you for the warm welcome and I am honored to be your commander and a member of Team MacDill!