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  • Opening up: Growing into an Airman

    As an Airman, being socially active is an important part of developing your career and becoming a better leader, but not everyone starts off on the same playing field. For me, I started out isolated. When I was young, I was adopted, moved around a lot and didn’t have a lot of friends. People didn’t

  • First year on station: learn, work, lead

    Fresh out of technical school and seeing the pace of daily operations around MacDill Air Force Base definitely had me feeling intimidated. As the newest Airman in the public affairs office, seeing the work it took to document the mission of the 6th Air Refueling Wing and support the two combatant

  • February: National Children’s Dental Health Month

    February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. It is a special month-long observance that brings together thousands of dedicated dental professionals, healthcare providers and educators to promote the benefits of good oral health to children, their caregivers, teachers and many others

  • Lightning Struck Twice

    When I first arrived in Tampa in the summer of 1996…I could scarcely believe my good fortune. MacDill Air Force base was a “dream” assignment, in the best of locations, and I was a young aircraft commander flying the KC-135R around the world assigned to the 91st Air Refueling Squadron – the Bolts.