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  • MacDill occupational health works to maintain hearing conservation

    The occupational health section of public health monitors active duty and civilian employees on the hearing conservation program by conducting audiograms annually. We also perform Army, Marine and Navy hearing tests for their annual requirement for duty. In addition, we also accomplish

  • Finding a balance: Strengthening our family during a pandemic

    Attention parents! Are you interested in learning healthy and safe ways to manage your emotions when it comes to raising your children during a pandemic? Children learn from their parents and tend to model similar behaviors of stress during times of crisis. It is important to practice self-awareness

  • The Impact of Missed Medical Appointments

    The 6th Medical Group strives to provide our beneficiaries with access to the timely, high-quality health care they deserve. In addition to conducting monthly staff training, we consistently review performance standards in an effort to identify gaps and ensure that patient needs are being met.

  • The Flu Virus and What You Need to Know

    Every year during flu season, staff are flooded with inquiries concerning the flu vaccine such as; “I’m a healthy adult why do I need the flu shot?” or “Every year I get the flu after receiving the flu vaccine.” Here are a few answers to those questions and concerns you may have.

  • What you need to know about Zika

    You might think storms rolling in would be the only major concern during Florida’s Hurricane Season, but with warmer weather and rain comes another threat – mosquitos. Here at MacDill, pest control officials make every effort to ensure you and your family is safe from these dive bombing