Precision and Professionalism: Rescue 53 keeps Team MacDill safe

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Rito Smith
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Red and blue lights flash hastily as the piercing sound of sirens fill the nighttime air. First responders rush to the site of the accident. There is a two car collision; one car is in a ditch and the second is unnaturally skewed on its side.

This is merely one scenario that the Rescue 53 first responders may come across during their long, hectic shifts.

Although it is not common on MacDill for an accident like this were to occur, our Airmen and first responders must be ready to react at a moment’s notice and perform under stress with precision and professionalism.

MacDill Airmen assigned to the 6th Medical Group train for situations like this day in and day out to ensure they are prepared for any rescue situation.

One of the emergency programs setup is Rescue 53, which is manned by Airmen from the 6th MDG along with Tampa medics. The Airmen and volunteers work 24 hours on, with a three day break between shifts. This allows non-stop mission ready coverage in the instance of an emergency.

On top of the work they do on a daily basis, they frequently simulate scenarios so they can be effective first responders.

Through training, Airmen and Tampa medics are able to utilize the MacDill rescue car to respond to any emergency on the base.

“As a med tech we are trained to respond to similar situations already,” said Senior Airman Giancarlo Chaparro, a medical technician assigned to the 6th MDG. “However, to be a part of the ambulatory services we are required to get more training and stay qualified on rescue and ambulance procedures.”

The Rescue 53 team is here to provide the help the injured need in the fastest time possible.

Before the Rescue 53 program was implemented, if there was an emergency on base that required an ambulance, individuals would have to call Tampa Fire and Rescue respond from off-base.

“Before this program was implemented, it would take approximately 16 minutes for an off-base response team to make it on to base,” said Staff Sgt. Jordan LeBouef, a Medical Technician assigned to the 6th MDG. “Now we can respond in eight minutes or less, allowing us to better take care of the service members on base.”

This program is a joint partnership between MacDill and the Tampa Bay community to ensure that members of the MacDill community feel safe at the hands of the 6th MDG and TFR.