Maintainers for the human body: medical records technicians ensure accuracy

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Rito Smith
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Every day, Airmen across the Air Force work behind the scenes to make sure the mission is achieved on time, with accuracy and excellence.

Medical records technicians do this every day by maintaining all records on active duty members, dependents and retirees to ensure patients receive the best possible care.

These technicians fall into a wide category headlined by the title of health services management. Some of their jobs include resource management, referral management, patient travel and medical records.

“As medical records technicians, we track all of the medical information for active duty, their dependents, and even retirees that are seen at our medical group,” said Airman 1st Class Seng Thao, a medical records technician assigned to the 6th Medical Support Squadron. “All of this information is used so we can better serve individuals at the medical group.”

For active duty service members, this information is especially important when getting ready to retire or separate from service.

“By us doing our job correctly and keeping accurate files on service members, we can help them prepare for retirement in a more streamlined way,” said Airman 1st Class Amal Bonner, a medical records technician assigned to the 6th MDSS. “This information can help them get the most out of their Veterans Affairs benefits when they submit their paperwork.

“If they have incorrect or missing information that could put a delay on them receiving those benefits.”

Both Thao and Bonner stressed the importance of accuracy because of the possibility of information in one’s file restricting them from duty.

“As a medical group, we are maintainers for the human body,” said Thao. “We deal with people on flight status all the time, and if information is incorrect that could stop them from being able to perform their duties.”

On top of having a very strict process to ensure accuracy of all records, they perform an annual inventory on all active duty service members on station to ensure they have the records for each member and the information is accurate.

“For us, it’s just really crucial that we do our job right,” said Bonner. “Patients get care because of our records, and that is an important job.”