Family health helps maintain Mobility Forces at MacDill

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Mariette Adams
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

As a service member, maintaining optimum readiness is crucial. Executing mission-related tasks can sometimes take service members around the world and separate them from loved ones.

For the Family Health Clinic at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, providing security to families through health care can give service members peace of mind in knowing their loved ones are being cared for while away.

“As a tri-service facility we provide health care to all branches of service, their family members, as well as retirees and their dependents,” said Capt. Marc Dunham, the family health element leader assigned to the 6th Medical Support Operations Squadron. “The Family Health Clinic cares for approximately 180 patients every day and averages 39,000 appointments per year.”

On a daily basis, family health Airmen perform a range of tasks to provide care to their more than 19,000 patients.

“We provide overseas clearances, preventive health screenings, record review, minor procedures and medication therapy to name a few,” explained Staff Sgt. Emily Gamez, the family health team B lead medical technician assigned to the 6th MDOS. “We ensure Airmen are medically ready human weapons systems.”

Family health is also the key-holder to specialty care. They provide patients referrals to be seen around the clinic and off base to ensure their patients’ needs are met.

Treatment focuses on the mission to prepare, prevent, heal and deploy, also known as “P2HD.”

“The Family Health Clinic fits into the Medical Group's mission by preparing and educating our patients on preventive health care measures to maintain their health and be medically fit to accomplish the mission,” said Dunham. 

The clinic’s goal is to provide preventive care, but when needed, they work hard to provide optimum treatment as well.

“My favorite part of my job is seeing patients feel better,” said Gamez. “I love to help people; that is why I came into this career field. I can honestly say it makes my day better when I know I did something to make someone else’s day better.”

Here at MacDill, the Family Health Clinic strives to develop and care for service members, both past and present, and their dependents. As a result, they continue to keep the Air Force’s mission going healthy and strong without fail.