MacBones returns, ready to promote Team MacDill safety

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Adam R. Shanks
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public

Partially hidden in the 6th Air Mobility Wing headquarters building at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, exists an Airman whose biggest concern is safety.

His career, which has required him to endure normally painful or deadly situations, was put on hiatus a few years ago. However, this Airman decided to dust off his rigid, bony frame and venture out to share his story. He cannot keep a secret because everyone can see right through him.

MacBones, the 6th AMW safety office skeleton mascot, has been stationed at MacDill for around 15 years. His role as a safety demonstrator has helped the safety office highlight many different occupational and personal safety concerns throughout his seemingly never-ending career.

“I’ve shown the risks of driving under the influence, demonstrated motorcycle and vehicle safety as well as dehydrated myself to prove that water is extremely important when enjoying Florida’s summer sun,” said MacBones. “I’m around to show that if you make the mistakes I make, you’ll end up looking like me.”

With summer months quickly approaching, many safety concerns come to light during this time. More motorcyclists are seen on the road, boats make their way onto the water and proper hydration is usually overlooked.

“We like to use MacBones because he’s a much more interesting prop to go along with any safety campaign,” said Jason Jackson, an occupational safety manager assigned to the 6th AMW safety office. “He draws attention to the information we’re pushing out and helps drive the message home.”

Despite his lack of appearances in recent years, MacBones says he’s prepared to make a come back.

“I’m ready to come out of hiding to show Team MacDill how to beat workplace complacency and use proper risk management to live a safe life at home and on the job,” said MacBones. “It’s the least I can do, since I’m just a skeleton after all.”

After a few touch ups, MacBones says he’ll be ready for the limelight again, branching out around base to assist the safety office’s campaigns.