Operating as one of the best

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Shandresha Mitchell
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing public affairs
On Monday, Dec. 14, 2015, Senior Airman Aaron Pearson, a contract specialist assigned to the 6th Contracting Squadron, was announced as the Outstanding Enlisted Contracting Member in the Airman category for Air Mobility Command awards.

"It feels overwhelming! I have been told by many people that this is a great accomplishment," stated Pearson. "I still cannot get my head around the fact that I actually won this award."

The Jena, Louisiana native is responsible for reviewing and administering contracts worth anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars for services and supplies.

"He consistently exceeds expectations and seeks out opportunities to better himself and his community, while also mentoring his peers to steer the same course," commented Master Sgt. Donald Mills, the NCO in charge of the Specialized Acquisitions Flight assigned to 6th CONS. "I submitted Senior Airman Pearson because he embodies all the attributes our Air Force holds near and dear."

Pearson's ability to lead has helped him stand out from his peers. Some of his achievements include: handling a $2.2 million dollar contract for cellular services in assistance to U.S. Central Command, covering 21 countries; sourcing a $128 thousand dollar criminal analysis contract that supports the U.S. Treasury in identifying potential threats across the U.S. and abroad; and being a Top Performer and member of the team selected for the Operation Contracting Support Joint Exercise 2015 Team Excellence Award.

"He has proven you don't need rank on your collar to be a leader; with him, excellence is more than a buzz-word," said Mills.

Upon receiving the news of his victory, Pearson expressed his gratitude to all the mentors that assisted him in achieving this milestone.

"If nothing else, Senior Master Sgt. Rene Roman, Master Sgt. Donald Mills, Tech. Sgt. Jessica Grogan, Staff Sgt. Marc Villanueva, Mr. Russell Beasley, and Mr. Jerry Simmons amongst others, have given me many tools for success," commented Pearson. "There have been times that I just wanted to quit trying all together, but finding those people, who really made a positive impression on me on and off duty, really made a difference."

Mills noted that the award really just confirmed what all of the men and women of 6th CONS already knew, and that this 27 year-old Airman is a person the Air Force needs to track and groom.

"He is going to do great things for our Air Force and I am a little more comfortable retiring knowing men and woman like Senior Airman Pearson stand ready to take the stick," said Mills.

Pearson believes that his nomination and success are all thanks to those who mentored him and the determination he has to enjoy his job. For him, the job is really what you make of it.

"I want the guy who wins awards to also be that guy in the squadron who strives to better their organization and the people in it," said Pearson. "There are so many Airmen who deserve to be highlighted for their successes; I am just happy that there are people out there who seem to think that way about me.

"I truly feel if I am going to operate as one of the best, then the best thing I can do is remember those few people who stepped up to give me the chances I have had; that way, I can do the same for my Airmen one day," commented Pearson.