Success begins with you

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jenay Randolph
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs
For Staff Sgt. Brian Kramp, 6th Maintenance Squadron crew chief and First Term Airmen Class team leader, being a crew chief in the U.S. Air Force has been a childhood dream. Now almost seven years later, as he graduates his final FTAC students Sept. 18, 2015, at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, he realizes that he has surpassed his dream.

The small town native of Vienna, Illinois, joined the Air Force in December of 2008.  Upon graduation of basic military training and completing technical school, Kramp was well on his way and his first assignment was at none other than MacDill AFB.

"I joined the Air Force because my older brother was a crew chief and I loved the things he was able to experience," expressed Kramp. "I wanted to explore and get the chance to experience some of those same things."

Since joining, Kramp has deployed three times to Southwest Asia. Also, he has been on temporary duty assignments to assist in runway closures at Robbins Air Force Base, Georgia, and for crash recovery school at Shepherd Air Force Base, Texas.

Little did he know, he would be stationed at MacDill for six and a half years and would begin to feel stagnant in his career.

Every quarter, FTAC team leaders are rotated in and out, so Kramp jumped on the opportunity to explore something outside of his comfort zone and give him a little needed boost. 

"I am not comfortable with public speaking. I'm use to turning wrenches and working out on the flightline," voiced Kramp. "I saw this as an opportunity to show my versatility, network, and follow up on a longtime desire to teach."

Subsequently, on June 22, 2015, Kramp became the FTAC team lead. FTAC is a course Airmen go through when they arrive to their first base and join the operational Air Force. This course teaches new Airmen the fundamentals needed to guide them through their new careers.

As the team lead, Kramp is responsible for building and setting up the schedule for the class, as well as creating class rosters for FTAC and all other professional development courses.

"My first class was nerve racking, but it was awesome and so exciting," expressed Kramp. "I have learned a lot from this opportunity in my career."

Even though Kramp was a bit hesitant doing something so different, he has gained so much from this experience.  As a result, his growth as an Airman has been recognized by his peers and students.

"This is a very demanding job and sergeant Kramp has done a great job by giving 100 percent effort in everything that he does," expressed Master Sgt. Byron Hayes, 6th Force Support Squadron career assistance advisor, when asked about Kramp. "He has a great attitude, motivated to learn and takes responsibility for everything that he does. He has also shown a great deal of growth in his communication and administrative skills."

Prior to becoming an FTAC team lead, Kramp had lost sight of his goals and what he wanted to do in his career. This opportunity has allowed him to re-evaluate those things and realize what he is capable of and can continue to push him.

"This experience has been awesome and I will take what I have learned here back to my shop," voiced Kramp. "It has taught me to not forget where you are from, don't lose sight of your goals and lastly don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone."

Returning to his dream job, Kramp will take with him one important and simple lesson:  "Success begins with you."  It is now a motto that he lives by and expresses to everyone that he encounters.