Live a healthier life with the HAWC

  • Published
  • By Mr. Trevor Godbolt
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing public affairs
Who doesn't enjoy a smoothie bar and massage therapy? The Health and Wellness and Sport Fitness centers on base go to extreme measures to make sure that our Airmen are taken care of.

Comprehensive Airmen Fitness as well as the health and wellness of our service men and women are important. With a devoted staff, the Health and Wellness Center is here to fulfill the needs of these young men and women.

According to Joan Craft, HAWC health promotion director, many service men and women are not supplying their bodies with enough nutrients and exercise. Nutrition and staying active are imperative to living a healthy lifestyle. With all of the resources provided at the HAWC, there is no excuse to stay on the couch!

The Fitness Center, which includes the HAWC, is approximately 50,000 square feet. It offers two tracks, three sports fields, five intramural sports and over 50 fitness events held annually and a brand new smoothie bar and massage therapy service.

Service members are provided with a large selection of free resources to make the best use of their time. For example, at the HAWC, service members can schedule an appointment to use the BOD POD. The BOD POD is a machine used to assess and track body composition. It uses air displacement to provide highly accurate measurements.

Looking to shed a few pounds or improve your run time? The HAWC offers a run clinic where you can learn about running mechanics, injury prevention and performance enhancement. They offer shoe analysis and footwear recommendations to improve your exercise experience.

If you're looking to quit tobacco, the HAWC offers a Tobacco Cessation class. This four-week course provides guidance on exercise, stress management, dental health and weight management. The class is facilitated by physicians and certified Mayo clinic instructors. The Tobacco Cessation class is another great example of the abundant amount of resources that service members are offered to enhance their wellness and way of life.

With a loyal and caring staff, the HAWC is available to make sure that you reach your fitness goals to live a healthier lifestyle.