DoD Cyber Inspection coming to MacDill

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Shandresha Mitchell
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing public affairs
This May, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, will be undergoing a Command Cyber Readiness Inspection. This inspection is graded on a national standard and bases across the United States are affected by it.

"The upcoming CCRI will determine if MacDill is effectively and efficiently maintaining the health and security of our network," commented Capt. K. Strub, 6th Communications Squadron CCRI team member. "The outcome will determine if the base is in compliance and if it will remain connected to the Global Information Grid."

Over the past six months and continuing into the future, communicators have been and will be refreshing old communications equipment with newer more robust systems.

The non-secure internet protocol router and the secret internet protocol router have to be updated regularly to remain in compliance with Air Force standards.

"The Air Force initiated a 24-hour NIPR patching in January 2015 to combat vulnerabilities on our unclassified systems," explained Strub. "Patches are used to fix vulnerabilities that have already been identified and are pushed 24 hours a day."

In order for the patches to be accomplished, workstations must be powered on and logged off at the end of the duty day to be effective and to secure the unclassified network.

Strub also explained that the Air Mobility Command SIPR Uptime Policy requires SIPR stations to be logged on to the network weekly for six continuous hours on Tuesdays. The policy enables security updates, software patches, and group policy settings to be applied and validated by security vulnerability scans and is critical to ensuring security of the network.

"Network and cyber surety is every network user's responsibility," said Strub. "Adhering to safe cyber practices and ensuring government information stays within the boundary of our networks will deny our adversary's opportunity."

Due to preparation for the CCRI, the 6th CS's customer service will be impacted in some instances. Customers can avoid unnecessary service interruptions by paying close attention to 6th CS generated Base Alert Messages via NIPR and are encouraged to use the Enterprise Service Desk at DSN 510-435-7337 for most technical issues.

If you have any questions, please contact the Wing Information Assurance office at 813-828-4145.