Everything is a blessing

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Tori Schultz
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing public affairs
"I just want to serve," said Lt. Col. Andrew McIntosh, 6th Air Mobility Wing, head chaplain. "I will go anywhere, anytime and do anything. There is no such thing as a bad assignment, everything is a blessing."

Growing up, the Air Force and faith were always a big part of McIntosh's life. His father was a retired lieutenant colonel and an Air Force chaplain for 24 years. At the young age of 18, McIntosh felt the call to be an Air Force active duty chaplain.

However, chaplaincy intimidated McIntosh because he knew it was a full-time job and required his full commitment.

"My father was always the first one to show up, last one to leave, and never really had a day off," said McIntosh. "I wasn't sure if I was ready for that type of responsibility."

After graduating from college, McIntosh went to seminary school and started his career as a pastor. Two years later, an individual mobilization augmentee reserve position opened up and he commissioned into the Air Force.

Ten years later, he finally fulfilled his calling and became an active duty chaplain.

Today, McIntosh has been the wing chaplain at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, since Aug. 2014 and endures challenges every day.

"I enjoy challenges and I love the diversity of my responsibilities," said McIntosh. "I think all the demands required of me are tough and the biggest challenge is finding a balance between my responsibilities, available personnel and time."

Along with the challenges come many rewards. McIntosh loves to see people succeed in all aspects, to include promotions, decorations, education, and effective counseling. He enjoys helping others reach their goals no matter how big or small.

McIntosh strongly believes in continuous self-improvement and growing as a person. He has a passion for education and has completed four degrees along with a residency. His office is lined with books and he tries to absorb as much information as possible so that he can teach others.

"I have moved all over the world and no matter where I am on an Air Force base, it feels like home," said McIntosh. "I have a deep love for God and the Air Force and I will continue to serve as long as I can."