Maintenance Quality Assurance: Ensuring safe flying missions

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jenay Randolph
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing public affairs
"Everyone's role is important; no one person or career field can make the "big Air Force" meet its goal on its own," expressed Staff Sgt. Clifford Coleman, 6th Maintenance Group aircraft fuels systems technician. "But, my role is to strive to be the best Airman, wingman, supervisor, and family member that I can be while taking everything I've learned in my life and career to help mold the next Airmen into their very best."

Coleman is one of the 14 active-duty personnel and three reservists to make up the maintenance quality assurance shop at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla.

What is maintenance QA?

Maintenance QA consists of a select group of Airmen, chosen by supervisors, to conduct evaluations and inspections on maintenance Airmen and their additional duties or programs to enforce proficiency in technical order use and job knowledge for all aircraft maintenance.

The Airmen of the 6th MXG maintenance QA shop ensure Airmen conduct quality work in a safe environment, and document any trends that may need corrections and are critical in reporting a snapshot of MacDill's aircraft maintenance for the group commander.

"Not only is it a privilege to work for QA, but it has allowed me the opportunity to get the basic knowledge on different maintenance career fields," said Coleman. "To be the first to know all new rules and regulations, ensuring the safety of all Airmen and aircraft, while getting two to three years of continuous knowledge from all aircraft maintenance shops has allowed me to be taken out of my comfort zone and broaden my horizon."

Maintenance QAs provide 24-hour operations to the base, which consist of three shifts. The main goal is performing all monthly inspections and covering all grounds from aircraft maintenance, toolbox, vehicle and housekeeping inspections, just to name a few. Maintenance QA personnel are held to the highest standard, so making time for physical fitness, volunteer work and education is something encouraged along with performing normal duties.

QA's main mission is to provide group commanders with detailed information on how Airmen are performing maintenance. Due to the use of hazardous material/waste, the proper usage and handling of these items are inspected along with documenting passed and failed inspections, so the corrective actions can be made to avoid any mishaps in the work environment.

"We ensure our commander, QA, and MacDill's goals are met on a daily basis; everyone can't be selected for this job. We strive for the best of the best while holding each other to the highest standard," expressed Coleman. "I would describe my job as the most rewarding opportunity you could have as an aircraft maintainer."