Spreading fitness throughout MacDill

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Tori Schultz
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing public affairs
"I had just had a child and was out of shape," said Ofelia McCray, 6th Force Support Squadron personal trainer, when asked what made her want to be a personal trainer. "Feeling fat and ugly, I started working out."

When McCray saw the results she was getting she wanted to help others accomplish that same achievement. In the beginning, she wanted to help other women that were in the same situation as her, but realized she could help men and children as well.

"I have been a personal trainer for 20 years now and a trainer at MacDill since 2005," said McCray. "Looking for new ways to keep clients motivated and seeing results simply motivates me."

McCray stays on the lookout for new fitness trends as a way to stay motivated, not only for herself, but for her clients. According to McCray, the most rewarding part about her job is seeing a client that is happy with their results. McCray always sets out to help people meet their goals.

"I feel I have met a fitness goal in the same sense as my clients," said McCray. "I work for my clients and when they obtain victory, I obtain victory."

According to McCray, fitness is a lifestyle, not just running, lifting weights or attending a pilate's class. The simple everyday things that some people take for granted can assist in being fit to include resting, healthy eating, practicing proper posture and everyday chores.

"The components of fitness are cardiovascular, endurance, muscle strength/muscle endurance, flexibility and nutrition," said McCray. "All of the activities we do daily require one or all the components of fitness."

In honor of May being fitness month, McCray is going to keep with her routine of Zumba, lifting weights, boot camp style fitness activities and kangoo jumps.

"I would like to inform the MacDill community they can get quality personal trainer services for a whole lot less than they could outside of MacDill," said McCray. "In my opinion, what really makes a good trainer is the relationship the trainer has with their clients."