Force Shaping - Be in control of your destiny

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Ned T. Johnston
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs
It's no secret that the Air Force is downsizing its force in order to reduce the Department of Defense's annual expenses. But just because the Air Force is letting some Airmen go, does not mean they are not welcoming new personnel to join the Air Force Reserve.

The Air Force Reserve is an exciting, vibrant part of the nation's defense. It offers similar benefits afforded to those on active duty, with one major addition -- the benefit of time; Time to be with your family, time to go to school or work at your civilian career, and time to serve your country.

"The Reserve is a great opportunity for everyone from active-duty Airmen to those with no military experience at all," said Master Sgt. Alexander Asencio, Air Force Reserve recruiter. "It gives you the chance to serve close to home."

The Reserve has a constantly evolving mission, and new Airmen provide new ways of problem solving old issues.

"The Air Force Reserve is looking for fresh minds," said Asencio. "Fresh minds to help find new, better, more efficient ways to execute our mission. The only way forward is by having bright, young minds bring forward new ideas."

The Reserve is also a great opportunity for Airmen on active duty who are separating from active duty and want to continue serving part-time.

"Along with new ideas, the Air Force Reserve also needs experienced servicemen and women to help guide and mentor these new Airmen," said Asencio.

There are two programs for active-duty Air Force members to use when transferring to the Air Force Reserve; these are the Palace Chase and Palace Front programs.

The Palace Chase program allows individuals who have completed at least half of their enlistment requirement to exit active duty early and finish their commitment in the Reserve as a traditional reservist or Individual Mobilization Augmentee.

The Palace Front program allows individuals who have completed their contract to join the Air Force Reserve as a traditional reservist or Individual Mobilization Augmentee.

For more information about the Air Force Reserve, go to, or contact Master Sgt. Asencio at 813-828-3059.