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  • By Senior Airman Melissa V. Paradise
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing public affairs
First there were many, than just a few, now just three. The 6th Air Mobility Wing held its' annual awards ceremony Feb. 7, 2014, to recognize the accomplishments of 2013.

The Annual Awards Board consisted of six members, the superintendent from each group and the 6th AMW command chief, Chief Master Sgt. Thomas Mazzone.

The board spent endless hours looking at all the nominee's Air Force Fitness Management System Reports, individual biography's and the nominees Air Force Form 1206, which is comprised of 27 separate "bullets" detailing their accomplishments in leadership and job performance, significant self-improvement and base or community involvement. The NCO's had an additional criterion; they had a face-to-face meeting with the board members.

"Each of the board members selected an opinionated question which was asked to each of the nominees, allowing us to evaluate their communication skills, bearing, and knowledge," said Mazzone. "The categories were history and lineage, military customs, courtesies and protocol for special events, dress and appearance, current events, reciting and answering questions pertaining to the Airman's Creed, and a wild card question, asked by me."

Taking home the annual awards for the enlisted ranks were, Senior Master Sgt. Joseph Robinson, 2013 Senior NCO of the Year, Tech. Sgt. Toyre Hudson, 2013 NCO of the Year, and Airman 1st Class Noelle Defreitas-Adams, 2013 Airman of the Year.

Robinson, who took home the award for the 6th Mission Support Group, is the superintendent of the client services center, 6th Communications Squadron. He also oversees the Communications Focal Point which is the hub for all communications within the 6th AMW and many of the mission partners.

"I am extremely honored to be named the Senior NCO of the year," said Robinson. "I am extremely thankful to my leadership for the opportunities provided and the trust they have in me."

Some of Robinson's contributing accomplishments were, earning 12 credit hours towards his Master's degree and maintaining a 3.4 GPA, being elected as the MacDill Top III president, and overhauling the wings' tech refresh.

But doing all this was no easy feat. Robinson credits his support system with his success.

"First I must acknowledge the immense sacrifices my wife made over the last 18 years. She has been my rock of support and my greatest mentor," Robinson stated. "My supervisor, Capt Christopher Wiley, was extremely important. In fact, I could not be a winner without his support. I must also give much credit to Chief Master Sgt. Jones, Chief Master Sgt. Young and Chief Master Sgt. Cox, who helped keep me on track and moving in the right direction. I also must thank my fellow Senior Master Sgt.'s. and my wingman Senior Master Sgt. Curl who has my back, always. Lastly, I must acknowledge the awesome members of the 6th CS, who continually push me to give my best every day."

Hudson, 2013 NCO of the year, is the mental health flight chief for the 6th Medical Group. He leads a flight of 47 personnel that provide mental health care, promotes individual and family resilience, treatment of substance abuse, domestic violence interventions and mental health disorders.

"This accomplishment means a lot to me both personally and professionally," said Hudson. "The year of 2013 was the best years in my Air Force career, so to see the fruits of your labor paying off is extremely fulfilling."

Some of Hudson's accomplishments in 2013 include, acting First Sergeant during Combat Skills Training, winning the NCO Academy Commandant Award, the 6th AMW Lance P. Sijan Award and the Air Force Outstanding Mental Health NCO of the Year award.

However, Hudson stays humble. His advice to others is to always do something because a person has a desire to do it.

"Always enjoy the experience and take back what you gained from the experience to cultivate the Airmen you lead," stated Hudson. "Never stop growing our Air Force and strive to be a transformational leader."

Last but not least is the 2013 Airman of the Year, Defreitas-Adams, a public health technician for the 6th MDG.

Defreitas-Adams' 2013 accomplishments include, winner of the 6th AMW Airman 3rd quarter award, selection for below the zone, 90 percent on her career development courses' end of course exam and numerous volunteer hours.

"I have amazing leadership and peers in my office," said Defreitas-Adams. "I could definitely say I'm the combined effort of all their hard work; from keeping me motivated, coaching me and spending endless time and effort on my package."

Her advice to others is all about finding balance in life.

"Find balance with work, school, family, volunteering and spiritual. Be an expert at your job. Do whatever you find interesting and in everything strive to be excellent at it," said Defreitas-Adams.

These three Airmen represent the best of the best here at MacDill.

"The decision was very difficult to make," said Mazzone. "These few Airmen are representatives of all of the great men and women to serve here daily to ensure our mission is safely executed and our partners and families are supported and cared for."

And the Chief's advice to others is, show up early, take initiative, and be the expert others turn to. Then, take the time to lead your fellow Airmen to show them how you got there. Guide them through the "minefield". The Air Force's recognition programs are amazing, and distinguish leadership in several professional and functional categories. There are plenty of awards to keep Airmen motivated, but in the end it's really about helping those we serve with succeed at our mission: Fly, Fight, and Win!"