For the love of pigs

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Brandon Shapiro
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs
The thought of a military member owning a pig may seem a bit peculiar, but for one soldier at MacDill Air Force Base's U.S. Central Command, owning two pigs turned into over 300.

Roughly two years ago, Army Lt. Col. Frank Dunaway and his wife Tiffney, embarked on a journey that they could have never imagined.

From adding two new member to their family, potbellied pigs Prissy and Bomber, they began adopting and adopting and adopting, until before they knew it they had a pig sanctuary of a few hundred.

Why would they take on such a burdensome task?

"After running across numerous pleading ads from pig rescues on the internet, it quickly became evident that many people were not making the same life-long commitment to take care of their pet pigs the way Frank and I had," said Tiffney. "This disheartening revelation is what triggered us to help end the unnecessary suffering and abandonment of pigs in our area."

Pigs, being the fourth most intelligent animals on the planet are often held in comparison to that of a two to three year old child. Add in the fact that these cuddly geniuses live for upwards of 20 years, and the significance of an adoption commitment is quickly put into perspective.

"A person needs to understand they are basically getting a toddler or young child for 20 years. If they are not prepared for this, they shouldn't get a pig," commented Frank. "Due to their high intelligence, pigs truly suffer from abandonment and neglect by feeling rejected, sad, and depressed."

With the constant unknowingness of when or where a military member might go, future planning is always a forefront thought. For the Dunaway's the thought of the sanctuary's continuation and Frank's career have already been thoroughly thought out.

"Regardless of the situation, our commitment will continue and the pigs will stay here," said Tiffney. "Either Frank will retire or I will hold down the fort while Frank travels to our new assignment."

This effervescent undertaking made by Frank and Tiffney is held steadfast by a sincere love and discernment, as well as a commitment they have made towards the bettering of the sus scrofa domesticus--the house dwelling pig.


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