Dining facility fuels Team MacDill

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Tori Schultz
  • 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Diner’s Reef, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida's dining facility, is the only location on base that provides 24/7 food support for Team MacDill. A team of 72 personnel, comprised of both Airmen and civilians, prepare and serve approximately 262,000 meals annually for the 6th Air Mobility Wing and its mission partners.

“Our mission is to produce quality food…that supports good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle,” said Master Sgt. Veronica Jackson, dining facility (DFAC) manager assigned to the 6th Force Support Squadron (FSS).

Along with normal daily operations the DFAC also provides services for alert crews, aircrew and passengers, and ground support meals to ground crew personnel in support of the mission on a 24-hour basis.

To accomplish this mission the DFAC team works around the clock to ensure meals are ready at a moment’s notice.

“Our mission would fail without teamwork and commitment,” said Jackson. “It takes hours of planning and preparation to make food for a base. Each shift works together by prepping for the next meal and splitting the shift duties to ensure each meal period is a success. “
The DFAC consists of an a la carte service for dine-in or carryout meals.

“Although there are other food options on base, the DFAC surpasses them all with the amount of options to choose from,” said Jackson. “Customers can choose to eat from seven different food stations depending on what they are in the mood for.”

The team constantly rotates kitchen duties and on the serving line to guarantee meals are ready for customers.

“My job changes day to day,” said Airman 1st Class Brandy Schaff, food specialist assigned to the 6th FSS. “One day I’ll be assigned to deli and the next I’m assigned to Taco del Seoul. However, my overall job is to produce high quality food for our patrons.”

Working in the DFAC takes hard work, attention to detail, and time management.

“It is fast paced and nonstop, there is always something being produced,” said Shaff. “You don’t get a large amount of time to sit and rest; it is a very demanding job.”

While most people are on their lunch breaks, DFAC personnel continue to work through the day.

“I can honestly say the DFAC staff are some of the hardest working people on base,” said Jackson. “The staff are constantly on their feet in a fast paced, selfless job with little down time. I am very proud of my staff and I encourage customers to say ‘thank you’ for working so hard to satisfy our most basic need, to eat.”