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  • 91st ARS Airmen reflect on Operation Allies Refuge support

    During their most recent deployment to Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar, not only did the 91st Air Refueling Squadron provide six months of air refueling support to U.S. Central Command operations, but they also demonstrated what it means to be multi-capable Airmen during the largest personnel evacuation

  • 91st Air Refueling Squadron revitalizes heritage room

    While some units are pleased with having a break room to have lunch, the 91st Air Refueling Squadron takes pride in going above and beyond for their “heritage room.”The 91st ARS heritage room will have newly refurbished tables, reupholstered chairs, frost-tinted front doors, a custom wood-finished

  • MacDill night flying key to proficiency

    When the sun sets over Tampa Bay, the lights come up over MacDill’s flight line. While many prepare to put the kids down to bed and head that way themselves, the prestigious pilots of MacDill’s 50th and 91st Air Refueling Squadrons kick-off their shifts with the roar of the KC-135 Stratotanker’s

  • MacDill pilots hone skills in flight simulator

    The Operational Flight Trainer provides KC-135 Stratotanker aircrew the opportunity to practice operational and emergency procedures in a full-motion, simulated flight environment under the instructional expertise of a CAE instructor.

  • Rapid global mobility calls for rapid global medicine

    Delivering rapid global mobility requires aircrew to be ready at a moment’s notice. MacDill Air Force Base, Florida’s flight medicine Airmen keep KC-135 Stratotanker crews flight-ready and fueling the mission.