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  • From Hurricane Irma evacuation to Maria recovery – the 6th OSS

    Prior to Hurricane Irma, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, made preparations in anticipation of a probable direct hit. Aircraft and other assets were moved to alternate locations, and Col. April Vogel, the commander of the 6th Air Mobility Wing, issued an evacuation order..The credit for all of the

  • In the wake of the storm: one team, one fight

    As headlines raced across television screens around the country, Florida families packed up their children, pets and whatever memories could fit into their cars to flee north onto crowded roads filled with millions of others seeking safety.

  • Hurricane Irma: prepared and ready to ride out

    “It was 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 9, and the entire base was empty except for a handful of security forces members and the 6th Mission Support Group commander. My team joined them and convoyed off base. We stopped so they could lock the gates behind us. It seemed just absolutely foreign to not see